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Re: Where to begin?
Date: 9/18/13 5:01 pm
In Response To: Where to begin? (Gravemind)

: Oh, and
: bring back the classic plasma rifle, the flamethrower, the grenade
: launcher, fire grenades, and the silenced SMG.

Speaking of fire grenades, a system that lets us choose which grenades we carry with us (Perhaps a system similar to how we swap weapons) is a must if we're going to have three or more grenades.

: 2) Heads-up Display. The HUD needs to have a health bar, a secondary weapon
: indicator, and a compass. Because some information I just need to know.

Don't forget the sprint-meter!
And get rid of the clutter! I don't care if you do hurt some graphic designer's delicate feelings.

: 3) Controls. The number of layouts needs to expand beyond the half-dozen or
: so we typically get. At the very least we need an additional layout
: similar to the default layouts from Halo 1 & 2, i.e., something like
: this:

Absolutely not.
Melee BELONGS on a bumper. Would you put "Fire weapon" or "Throw Grenade" on the B button?

: 2) Level design. You could have made a drinking game out of how often the
: phrase "open world" was mentioned out of E3 (in fact, if you
: did, there would probably be no survivors).

Challenge accepted.

: 5) Enemies. Bring back the Brutes, the Drones, and Engineers. Unless they can
: be reworked to be an enemy that is interesting and fun to fight, then
: scrap the Prometheans; say they were all wiped out when Requiem was
: destroyed.

Dayorder: unbeing Prometheans fullwise. Recdep rectify misprint.

: 8) Difficulty tuning. Ever since Halo 2, it's been the trend to make enemies
: as overwhelmingly powerful as possible on Legendary. However, it's a
: design decision I disagree with. It considerably reduces the amount of
: viable tactics available to the player, essentially shoehorning them into
: a very specific play style — usually one that discourages aggressive
: movement and that’s heavily cover-based —, one that if deviated from will
: result in repeated death due to the extreme fragility of the player. Most
: of the challenge of facing an individual enemy should come from things
: like quality AI rather than brute force (no pun intended). As the saying
: goes, fight smarter, not harder. That should apply not just to the player
: but to the NPCs as well. If the enemies are sufficiently intelligent then
: they wouldn't need to inflict absurd amounts of damage; in fact, if they
: were really smart and inflicted as much damage as they did in Halo 2 or 3,
: it would result in the game being rather cheap on higher difficulties
: (refer again to Reach). There are plenty of other factors that go into a
: game’s challenge, including but not limited to: • Overall resilience of
: the enemy (i.e., shield and health levels).
: • The performance of the enemy AI.
: • The presence, number, and general effectiveness of friendly AI.
: • Overall effectiveness/performance of the player’s weapons (damage,
: accuracy, etc.).
: • Whether or not the player has regenerating health.
: • Level design, which affects the flow of combat.
: • Encounter design, i.e., number, placement, and rank distribution of the
: enemies, and presence/absence of multi-sided battles.
: • Availability of ammo, weapons, and other supplies.
: • The weapons and other gear the enemies are equipped with.

Honestly, I think that the enemies in Reach are a pretty good place to start if we're making The Greatest Halo Game Of All Time. I loved the Elites because they were mobile, smart, and dangerous.
So, take the Reach enemies and incorporate these changes:

• Modify the melee. The punch is powerful, but no longer an instant-kill. At the very least, it breaks your shields.
• The kick does less damage, but pushes the player back a few meters.
• No more precognition. If you're halfway across the map with a sniper rifle and you are settling the crosshairs on an Elite's head, it shouldn't immediately sense your presence.

• Bring back the T-42 plasma cannon from Halo 2.
• Keep them silly and speaking English. They aren't just cannon fodder, they're comic relief.

• I think that a compromise between the Halo 3 Brutes and the Reach Brutes would be great.
• Reach-style Brutes should be uncoordinated and operate somewhat independently of each other.
• Halo 3 style Brutes should emphasize and improve the Brute Pack. Fire and maneuver, coordinated grenade volleys, the whole shebang.

• Pretty please?

• The only improvement from Reach that I can think of is to make them more prone to landing.


: 1) Get back to basics. No more perks, no more weapon unlocks, no more custom
: loadouts, no more care packages personal ordnance. That belongs in games
: like COD, not Halo. Put everybody back on a level playing field, which
: means everybody starts with the same gear and same abilities. Armor
: abilities should, as a rule, be items you have to pick up off the
: battlefield. If they exist, loadouts should not be the norm (restrict them
: to gametypes like Invasion), and when they are enabled, they should be
: presets.

I don't care in the slightest about Multiplayer, but some people are going to want to be able to edit loadouts for custom games. If you mention this later, apologies.


: 1) Art Design. Ditch those freakish mutants that the art team thought were
: good designs for the Jackals and Grunts.

You stated elsewhere that animals with such bizarrely different physiology wouldn't even be in the same genus.
How radically can congenital defects change a person's skeletal structure?

: I don't mind new armor designs to
: mark a new faction, but to radically change alien physiologies in a manner
: that defies all sense and reason just shatters immersion. It's already too
: late to salvage the changes to the Dawn and the Chief's armor,

The Hell it is.

Halo 5: Open with the Master Chief clad in armor that is a direct interpretation of the Mark VI. Never acknowledge the abomination from Halo 4 ever again.
Problem solved.

: 2) User Interface. Get rid of that horrid UI from Halo 4 and just reuse the
: one from Reach.


: 5) And for the love of God, have an actual, real, full-color, full-length,
: made-of-paper instruction manual. These former mainstays are starting to
: become an endangered species, and that makes me a sad panda.

Earth first! We'll log the other planets later!

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