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Some clarifications...
Date: 1/28/14 2:20 pm
In Response To: Re: Halo: Post 2552 (Kal)

: This is just a little tongue-in-cheek, but I don't really buy that strain of
: logic for two reasons: 1) The campaign doesn't even mention the name Jul
: M'dama anywhere. As far as Master Chief and Cortana know, this is just a
: group of Covenant scavengers who happened upon the FUD. Requiem is a holy
: land for them, and the Didact is obviously a figure of religious
: importance. The Chief and the UNSC Infinity have no right to be there.
: It's not until the Covies leave the planet and attack the science station
: at Halo that the Didact and the Convenant become the clear aggressors.

: 2) Why the heck do we go back to Requiem for Spatan Ops? What are we doing in
: the first Spartan Ops mission except dropping down and slaughtering Covies
: who are peacefully living in their new holy land? If I came out of Church
: and a squad of Super Soldiers started shooting at me and my friends, damn
: right I'd shoot back!

: The Didact's dead. When I start Spartan Ops, I've never even heard the name
: Jul M'dama. Why is ONI sending me to slaughter these people with whom we
: have a truce? Didn't we just finish fighting them in a war? Why does ONI
: want me to be a unquestioning cog in their new war machine?

: What right do we have to go back to Requiem and slaughter more Covenant six
: months after the events of Halo 4?
Some points:

The Covenant wouldn't have been able to access Requiem had the Chief not drifted by (they spent years after they found Requiem trying to open it.)

We have no indication that the Storm are interested in settling on Requiem (after all Jul wouldn't blow it up if that were so!) As made clear in The Thursday War, he's much more interested in 'liberating' his people from the Arbiter's policies and human influence. He seeks the Didact as an ally. We don't know if he buys the whole religious schtick, but his actions in Glasslands and Thursday War strongly suggest he doesn't (the same cannot be said of his followers.)

As far as having a truce, we've got a truce with the Arbiter's followers, not his enemies, of which Jul is one. We also don't know what they were doing for four years between the events of K5 trilogy and Halo 4, but I don't think they were peacefully making cookies.

Jul is certainly a sympathetic character—his wife gets wiped out and his life ruined because of Telcam and ONI's scheming, to a degree—but he's also not a nice guy either.

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