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Re: Halo: Post 2552 (*SP* silentium stuff)
Date: 1/28/14 11:09 am
In Response To: Re: Halo: Post 2552 (Revenant1988)

: Personally, I am enjoying exploring the post war power vacuum.

Yeah! I've really enjoyed the Kilo-Five books (still need to read Mortal Dictata) because it takes a break from "end of humanity" situations, and explores the nitty-gritty of politics and factions among the UNSC and Covenant remnants both.

: There are still factions on both sides that are going to hate each other
: because that's what happens after war. Wounds like that take a few
: generations to heal and a few more for racism to die.

Heh, only a few generations? Tell that to the Didact...or the Precursors...

: I don't really care about the Janus Key so far. The whole thing about there
: being treasure troves of tech for the Humans to reclaim just doesn't do it
: for me

This is something I'm confused/frustrated about too. When exactly did humanity become Reclaimers? When the Precursors said "nah" to the Forerunners' attainment of the Mantle? At the very end of the Flood-Forerunner war? Is it the Mantle we are reclaiming, or just technological advancements?

DHalo said:

"It means, is Humanity, as a species, as a whole, fit to protect the Galaxy? Which I'd argue, at the current moment, no."

...and I agree. But I also feel that the Mantle, while a noble and desirable goal, is an arbitrary construct. That humanity is not beholden to the Precursor's beliefs, creators or not. And anyway, what remains of the Precursors is a twisted, hateful thing (to para-phrase the Librarian; It's not theirs to give. Not now.).

I still want to know whether or not the when the Precursor's decided to pass the Mantle to humanity, if they also decided to erase the Forerunners....or if the Forerunners set out to destroy the Precursors because they had not been chosen to carry the Mantle. Self-defense, or a great big genocidal galactic temper-tantrum?

Anyhow, I'm curious to see if the meaning of the name of the current mainline story arc, The Reclaimer Saga, is explored...or if it's just a name.

: I'd like to see a reunion of the SII's...
I'm really hoping this happens in a game, animation/live action or at least a comic book....I just love seeing images of SIIs together...and yeah, SIIIs too!
:...and maybe them teach some humility to the SIV's.

p.s. I feel like I come across kinda obtuse and ham-fisted on this forum, but I must say: it's one of my favorite places, online or off. Y'all are great.

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