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Re: Halo: Post 2552
Date: 1/27/14 11:31 am
In Response To: Halo: Post 2552 (serpx)

: I personally have no idea where the story is going to go, even though there's
: definitely places I'd LOVE for it to go. From what I know (correct me if
: I'm wrong), we have a broken Covenant, the Storm, Insurrectionists are
: back, a Halsey seemingly against the UNSC, the rebirth of the Forerunner,
: the Flood still existing (if you know the history of the Flood, you know
: they're not dead), a lack of Cortana, multiple existing Spartans, the
: "Janus key," the list goes on. 343 has done a good job at
: opening the gates further for a lot more storytelling.

: Do you feel like the Halo universe is more exciting, or less exciting post
: the Human-Covenant war/Halo 1-3 series? Curious on your thoughts!

When you describe it like that, it does feel like there are possibilities to think about, but when I had finished Halo 4, it felt like there really wasn't anywhere to go in my own mind. I think that's because I need speculative, deep sci-fi mystery in my Halo-daydreaming, and by redesigning and actually depicting the Forerunners, from their complete history to what they look like, I feel like that's completely gone now. For me, the Forerunners will remain the mystery benefactors of the original trilogy, with a strong indication that they are actually ancient humans.

Those half-hints were always more exciting than actually exposing the reality of it all, like how a circle or line that goes off the edge of an artwork allows your mind to take it anywhere, which makes the artwork itself even more exciting. I did indeed enjoy the first two Greg Bear books that I read (I pick it up all the time, but I still can't work myself up to buying Silentium after H4's depiction of the Didact - and him being front and center on the cover doesn't help, hah.), but as unillustrated text in the deep EU, it allowed me to still imagine it in my own way, and keep its revelations as suggested answers a degree separate from the main story of the games. I was even excited enough to have fun with that Shield and Sword project. But Halo 4 bridged that disconnect and eliminated my imagination on the faction.

That's kind of the thing: my favorite stories don't give you all the answers. They keep you wondering, they let you gather your own interpretations. Not just books, but visual art, games, movies... I just no longer see anywhere for me to have my own unique explanations. You can try and guess where the stories go, yes, but it feels more like I'm trying to figure out the writers than actually immersed in the universe and solving its mysteries.

I think my excitement also needed colorful heroes. I loved rooting for Master Chief and the UNSC in the old days, and then later for the Arbiter and the ODSTs. With all the hypocrite ONIs, arrogant SIVs, and rebooted bad-guy Elites now, I no longer have that Truth & Reconciliation Suite-level of excitement pumping my blood to see heroes overcome massive odds.

So if there ARE mysteries left to explore, I can't find those actors to take part in them. Add to that changes in visual and musical direction, and its a universe that I only half-recognize, like a person you met long ago that you can't quite remember their name.

Change any of these three issues, and it might make up for the others. If they had revealed the Forerunners or included more grey characters and factions, but been consistent in visuals and audio themes from before, I might have been able to handle it, even if I didn't think it was the best way to go. Keep the mysteries and bold characters, I might have been able to embrace the new takes on art and music from new artists.

It's really weird to be sad and frustrated with Halo after a decade of it being a constant point of fun, excitement, and joy. I now have to bottle it up and live in the past to enjoy it, which disconnects from me the ongoing Halo and HBO, so yeah, that's definitely far from a perfect method. :(

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