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suspension of disbelief
Posted By: butcher <>Date: 8/7/00 12:13 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tokyopop Article Finally Scanned! (Forensic)

> Hmm. Maybe I should have said something more along the lines of
> "tactics assembled on the fly" or something more specific, since
> the neural net could encompass all aspects of the AI. Mostly this is just
> me wondering if Oni's much vaunted AI made it to the end of the
> development process after the loss of Quinn Dunki (sp?). Or rather, did it
> make it to the end of the development process intact, as they originally
> envisioned it? (That's your cue, Matt.)

all of the important characteristics of oni's AI have turned out to be very similar to how they were originally envisioned. it is already a reasonably good match to the design specs, and it's my hope that in the remaining development time I get the chance to flesh out everything that isn't perfect yet.

> Either way, I've decided that "AI" is less important to
> convincing enemies than well modelled characters and such. Or something. I
> don't know. This is just me babbling after thinking about how convincing
> Half-Life's marines were, even though they stuck to rigidly defined paths
> and scripts. Compared to Deus Ex's terrorists who might have the worlds
> greatest AI for all I know, except you'd never notice it because they do
> things like play the "running forward" animation while moving
> sideways. So long, suspension of disbelief.

one of the most important things about our AIs is that they don't cheat. unlike the majority of games out there, our characters move by actually simulating keypresses; so they run, jump, sidestep and execute shoulder rolls using exactly the same world-class animation system that we developed to model konoko. basically, there is no visual difference between the opponents you're fighting and another human. of course, I can't say the same for all of their behavior patterns, but they're pretty convincing most of the time.

but don't take my word for it, see for yourself when the game is released!

- butcher

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