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Re: Thread Drift: DX terrorists
Posted By: *mixy <>Date: 8/7/00 11:48 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Thread Drift: DX terrorists (Forensic)

> Also, enemies will follow you through doors fine, but they're completely
> puzzled by hatches and holes. I can take down a dozen men by poking my
> head out of a sewer, zapping one with a tranq dart, ducking down until the
> soldiers stop running around like chickens and forget I exist, then
> repeat.

Haha, i just used the same technique in the MJ12 facility...

> Overall, it seems like they had a lot of fantastic ideas, but the
> technology they were using just couldn't support it.

yea the creative talent and the technical skills just arent spread evenly throughout the gaming industry... (q3a anyone?) i wish deus ex were as detailed about damage as soldier of fortune. Its really helpful [read: fun] to watch someone react correctly to location specific damage. I also wish that deus ex were 3rd person (with better character animation) instead of 1st person. lets see.. what else can i gripe about... oh ya, i take back what i said about the engine being slow, i've been playing at 1024x768 lately, and didnt notice a performance hit from 640x480... thats gotta be a plus... or somethin...

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