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Re: Tokyopop Article Finally Scanned!
Posted By: Dan Rudolph <>Date: 8/4/00 8:19 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tokyopop Article Finally Scanned! (Nathan)

> Hey, does anyone know why some articles keep saying that Oni is coming for
> Dreamcast? It isnít is it? Enough articles have said it now to make me
> suspicious.

Rockstar's page used to say this as well. Since Rockstar would be the one developing it, I'd say it at least was coming to Dreamcast.

The game might be kind of hard to adapt to the Dreamcast controller, but it's hard to say without playing it.

THere may also be memory issues. The Unreal Tourament DC levels are having to be changed since the PC/Mac/PS2 versions wouldn't fit in memory. Oni may have similar problems forcing levels to be broken up or simplified.

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