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Thread Drift: DX terrorists
Posted By: MakeMineRed <>Date: 8/5/00 4:48 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tokyopop Article Finally Scanned! (Forensic)

> Either way, I've decided that "AI" is less important to
> convincing enemies than well modelled characters and such. Or something. I
> don't know. This is just me babbling after thinking about how convincing
> Half-Life's marines were, even though they stuck to rigidly defined paths
> and scripts. Compared to Deus Ex's terrorists who might have the worlds
> greatest AI for all I know, except you'd never notice it because they do
> things like play the "running forward" animation while moving
> sideways. So long, suspension of disbelief.

So does your character. Find a mirror and sidestep. However, when the terrorists and/or troops lock on to you and start to strafe, the model changes to look like they've actually turned to one side to present a smaller target while moving back and forth. Believe me. I've seen that animation many times now.

Speaking of the AI, an interesting trick is to hide under a table after luring the baddies to your location. If they can't see you, you can kneecap 'em to death, and they'll never think to crouch down to spot you. However, if they've crouched before you hide, you're toast. Believe me. I know this is true.

> And if I hate Deus Ex so much, why can't I stop playing it? ArGH Argh
> ARgh.

Finally made it to Hong Kong; looking for 1313 Tannochi Road.


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