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Re: Tokyopop Article Finally Scanned!
Posted By: Nathan <>Date: 8/4/00 1:45 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tokyopop Article Finally Scanned! (Forensic)

> There's some stuff about the AI. They say again the enemies have various
> emotional states, like aggressive, bored, fearful etc. Kind of broad, and
> doesn't necessarily imply much complexity. For all I know that could me
> they stand still while on duty (bored), shoot when they see you
> (aggressive), and run away when they get to a certain level of hit points
> (fearful). I still want to hear something about that schweet, schweet
> pre-constrained neural net doohicky that Doug used to talk about.

That pre-constrained neural net stuff is the AI. The static number of different emotional states is part of the reason the AI is "pre-constrained". It will however, be much more complex than one action per emotion state. Many factors will contribute to how your enemies act.

Hey, does anyone know why some articles keep saying that Oni is coming for Dreamcast? It isnít is it? Enough articles have said it now to make me suspicious.

- Nathan

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