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Halo 2 Anniversary Wishlist
By:RC Master
Date: 2/7/14 7:52 pm

Alright, so these rumors don't seem to be dying down about H2A. If it really must be done to satisfy the MS Machine - and a part of me wishes it wasn't - then here is my input:

Port or remake? Why not both?

- Campaign Wise -

  • The 'press back to switch graphics' in CEA was a neat gimmick for stage shows, but it was very much a gimmick and should not return. It was too slow (potentially fixable), wasteful of hardware resources (not fixable) and muddies the memories of very passionate fans who have very fond memories of this classic game.

  • That said, still have a 'classic' and a 'remastered' version but make it an upfront menu option on the level select screen. I could reconcile this since it would be more along the lines of 'two games in one box' than additions to an established game.

  • The Classic version should be more or less a straight port. The only differences to the original game being high-res rendering, better anisotropic filtering on the textures, better anti-aliasing, higher texture resolutions and higher quality effects.

    Keep the gameplay tick at 30hz. Fix texture-pop, make it run like silk on the Xbox One, but other than that don't fix any 'bugs' unless they make it literally unplayable. Add a menu select for the skulls (since we don't have multiple profiles for save games) and/or multiple save game system. Add a few new control schemes to reflect paradigms from other recent games (i.e. CoD's left trigger for sights) and the changes to the controller since the Duke. Add LAN and online co-op and it'll be sweet.

    The experience should be something like playing Halo 2 Vista on a modern PC.

  • The Remastered version should be more like a remake. Treat the development more like 'this is what Halo 2 would be like if it came out today' rather than giving an old game a new, ill-fitting, skin.

    To start with, import the content to a modern engine. Whatever 343i are working on for Halo 5 would be preferable. Feel free to make the game run at 60hz to give us a taste of what Halo 5 will feel like. Make sure it has modern niceties like replays and screenshots, scoring, timing, stats, file-shares, save-anywhere. Give it all the skulls of Halo 2 and 3, and feel free to add whatever else they like. But make sure there are easily-selectable 'skull sets' that make sense. e.g. one that is just the Halo 3 skulls for Mythicers would be a good start.

    Give it the obligatory graphical overhaul with extra foliage and bump maps and wow-inducing shaders (but PLEASE remember less is sometimes more in a pure aesthetic sense).

    From here, the developers would have my personal permission to go 'all out.' Add new areas and encounters, change geometry to add new routes, FIX SNIPER ALLEY.

    In regards to skips like the Outskirts rooftops or Delta Halo hills, please don't stop us (NO GOD DAMNED INVISIBLE WALLS) but feel free to do interesting things with it: add new trigger zones so that the level continues to load and flow properly, add new encounters up there, or give us a hard encounter in exchange for skipping some others.

    They can even go even wilder if they want: add a mode to use weapon sets from the other games or even just add them (Focus Rifles instead of Beam Rifles for Jackal Snipers would be a good move in my book). Go crazy and add a mode were players can use Sprint or even Armour Abilities. Why not?

    If they're feeling really brave, they could try re-designing it so online co-op (4P?) works better. Perhaps that's something 343i has already been working on for Halo 5?

    Bonus Points: sword flying mini-game with distance counter.

    The experience should be something like playing a stripped-down Halo 5 on the levels of Halo 2.

- Multiplayer Wise -

  • As the game that pretty much made Xbox Live a thing, multiplayer in H2A would be absolutely non-negotiable and deserves more than 7 maps (some of which weren't even from Halo 1) and a hacked together gametype for another game.

    Having two versions of the same map inside Halo: Reach inside Halo CEA was a terrible idea IMO. It was confusing for players and compromised both versions of the maps. Instead, have a port and a remake.

  • The Port. At a minimum it should possess ALL of the maps. Yes. All TWENTY-FIVE of them. Disc (12), Bonus (2), Killtacular (2), Maptacular (5), Blastacular (2) and Vista (2). All rendered in high res, with extra AA, AF, upped texture res and available to play 4-way split-screen and on up-to 16 box LAN.

    Bonus points if they can make H2A LAN with H2 on Xbox/360.

    Extra bonus points if they include online play with modernised net code. No need for a full playlists and ranks (they were pretty horrible anyway) - even some basic server-browsing would be good enough. Obviously updated to use Xbox One party and chat features etc.

    Extra Super Bonus Points: gametype toggles for the more 'controversial' aspects of Halo 2 like Super-bouncing and BXR.

  • Remakes
    If we talk about Halo multiplayer and even multiplayer games in general, I think it's becoming clear that this 'release a whole new game every year/2 years with a whole new progression, set of maps and slightly changed rules' paradigm is unsustainable. It's wasteful of content, tiring for players to redo and relearn everything and too short to build a worthwhile competitive scene around.

    There are no current Halo games playable on Xbox One so there is also no excuse about not wanting to split player bases from current games (Halo 4). If people want to play on Xbox One, right now they are by definition NOT playing Halo.

    So if MS are serious about Halo being a competitive spectator title it would be better to keep content from one major release to the next. Even if one game's maps aren't ideal for the next release's gameplay: more maps is more maps.

    With that in mind, use an early version of Halo 5's MP engine with the gameplay stripped-back to be close to Halo 2. Include as many remakes as they can that are built with Halo 5 gameplay and features in mind. Obviously this would mean replays, screenshots, stats would be in as well.

    Then use H2A as a vehicle to deliver the Halo 5 beta, playing on H2A maps. Then when Halo 5 releases, the H2A maps would be included to boost the map count and have 'classic' playlists on day 1 that connects with H2A owners. Perhaps H2A owners could even buy a discounted digital version of Halo 5 from inside H2A (probably going to be retail resistance on that one but get creative MS marketing!). Of course they'll get Halo 2 style Mark 6 armour unlocked in Halo 5 straight away as well.

    Make sure it has all of Halo 2's gametypes (you can't have Turf without Territories) and feel free to throw proper versions of Zombies and SWAT in since this is the game that inspired those gametypes. Include a basic Forge on all the maps and you'll have a library of custom content ready for Halo 5 by the time it comes out.

  • ...
  • Woah, ok, kinda going off the rails there but whatever.

- Other Points -

  • CEA had some Kinect features. For the most part they were awful gimmicks. If they must support Kinect, they should keep it to main menu navigation with voice and gesture. None of this 'GRENADE!' bullshit.

  • Firefight would be cool. I love Firefight - did I ever tell you that? Just ODST style Firefight would rock socks. Drop me and 3 buddies off on an infinite version of that Gondola ride in Containment Zone and throw flood at us until we die. Awww yeah... 14 year old me would thank you for fulfilling his fantasy

  • If there aren't enough locations that are good for wave gametypes (my memory is hazy), then slice up a few pieces of the levels for linear challenge maps. A bit like Spartan Ops but with none of that 'plot' nonsense. Get here, do that, kill those guys. Done. How fast can you do 'Off the Rock, through the Bush, Nothing but Jackal?' This is, of course, if they're feeling particularly awesome.

That's all I've got right now. What is on your Halo 2 Anniversary Wishlist?

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