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Re: Not really
Date: 5/30/13 9:27 pm
In Response To: Re: Not really (uberfoop)

: Maybe the changelist will overall balance out in such a way that the game is
: more broken than it is now, who knows. But faster movespeed will permit
: more movement and survivability than otherwise leaving movement the same,
: simply because shooting faster people is more difficult and because you
: can move from cover to cover faster while doing more things, especially if
: acceleration is also increased (though it probably won't be). Regardless
: of whether the rest of the changelist is a good thing, free-flowing
: movement is something Halo 4 is in desperate need of, and that'll likely
: be even more true after the changes are applied.

: I'm not arguing that dropping kill times and buffing movespeed is the way to
: go. If I were in charge, my approach would probably be to shrink the maps
: down, and make shooting more difficult until 5-shots are again something
: to feel good about doing. But here I'm just suggesting that within the
: context of Halo 4, this particular change at least makes sense.

I definitely understand where you're coming from, and it might actually make sense. I absolutely agree with you about the maps being a large problem here, and I'm not quite sure if shrinking or actually making them larger would help. The community maps (for the most part) seem to have found a pretty good balance and work out really well in close quarters and at short- to mid-range. There's this nasty feeling I can't get rid of that the community maps are going to be negatively impacted by this weapon tuning (not to mention gameplay in general).

It's been funny week after week watching Bravo say the same bullshit over and over again, but now that they actually released the list of changes I'm pretty baffled. I'm so baffled that I didn't even bother getting into it. I just don't see how it's going to work out well when you compound it with the increased speed. It seems like they changed too much all at once when really all they needed to do was tweak the DMR down some, adjust rate of fire on the pistol down some (and maybe tweak its damage some), and potentially bump the range of the BR and the power/spread of the Carbine. Or just go back to my original statement and adjust the DMR down some and that's that.

Really aside from the DMR dominating everything, Matchmaking has come a long way to even get me back into playing it. I've even found some lovely and dangerous uses for that BR as it currently stands. I'm thinking this ends up like 343's Reach updates and does more harm than good.

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