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Not really
Date: 5/30/13 8:44 pm
In Response To: Movement speed increase is good. (uberfoop)

My argument isn't "but there's sprint!" or anything close. The DMR was overpowered. Their solution to it apparently is to make the red reticle distance less distant. Which has not stopped anyone from firing it unscoped at distances and hitting their target regardless. It doesn't even touch on the autoaim or rate of fire (speaking of rate of fire, that also went entirely unaddressed on the Pistol).

The increased movement speed won't do anything to balance out the auto-aim, hitscan, or rate of fire. The thing you said about sprint slowing to a crawl when you get shot is still absolutely going to apply from these adjustments. Sprint or no sprint, the faster movement will still be slowing down when you get shot. And depending on just how "tuned" (I'm betting on overpowered) they made the BR or Carbine, this "faster pace" might only help to get you killed faster, regardless of how quickly you can move your Spartan. It's almost as if they increased player speed to compensate for the fact that the guns just got OP and will be killing faster. I guess we'll laughingly (or not) find out in a week.

So I can't agree that this should be encouraged. As someone who has quite clearly been very vocal about bashing this game on its flaws within multiplayer, and as someone who has read from HBO to GAF to Waypoint on the matter (in all of its glorious negativity), I can't say I've seen anyone say that player speed or game pace needs to be sped up. That's not to say that there are people (like you) who think it's a good thing or who have requested it, but it doesn't seem like anywhere close to a majority (or a loud minority) has said anything about this. It's almost out of left field, and I'm really wagering it's based on whatever the weapon "tuning" has done to your average life going forward.

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                                   And yet,Revenant19885/30/13 1:29 pm
                                         Re: And yet,Phoenix_92865/30/13 2:29 pm
                                               Well, we need wet blankets...CARDO 8 ATL5/30/13 6:42 pm
                                               Re: And yet,Revenant19885/31/13 10:18 am
                 Not reallyAvateur5/30/13 8:44 pm
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                                               Re: Not reallyZackDark6/2/13 12:31 am

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