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Re: Movement speed increase is good.
Date: 5/30/13 2:45 am
In Response To: Movement speed increase is good. (uberfoop)

: Halo 4's base movement speed is a joke. In a game with practically nothing to
: mitigate the effectiveness of the core rifle over long ranges, and with
: aim assist that makes Halo 2 look like a PC shooter, 343i bizarrely
: basically didn't crank up the movement at all as compared with Reach
: (which already could have used faster movement). Resultantly, having map
: flow that is simultaneously functional and interesting in Halo 4 can be a
: rarity.

: "But there's sprint!" Yeah, and you slow to a crawl when you get
: shot. And you can't shoot back while using it. And said sprint is probably
: part of why the base movement is too low in the first place.

: Now that they're actually increasing the effectiveness of most weapons, not
: increasing movespeed would be questionable.

: Faster movement and some decreases in aim assist to compensate for increased
: weapon power. It probably won't bring me back to Halo 4, but it's a
: decision that at least seems to be made in the context of other aspects of
: Halo 4's design, which is high praise compared with many of my other
: thoughts on the game. This kind of stuff should be encouraged*!

: *Unless your goal is for 343i to descend down and down into making their very
: own Sonic 2006, resulting in a subsequent series revival into something
: resembling its past quality, but we're probably not that lucky.
Very good points on the movement speed vs aimassist plus power. I agree now that the movement speed is a good idea, as long as the strafe feels more solid and less like ice skating :D hoping so and we'll find out monday for sure :D

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