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Re: Mistrial (SP*)
By:Cody Miller
Date: 4/24/13 4:55 pm
In Response To: Mistrial (SP*) (Seraph xxvii)

: I don't think any one game can totally revolutionize the medium. I think
: games such as Bioshock Infinite can give it a hard push or even show the
: medium what it's potential is. Will FPS's dramatically change over night?
: No, but maybe they'll borrow ideas of how to make NPC's love able and more
: dynamic. Maybe they'll take qeues on how to tell an engaging and emotional
: story.

: We can both agree Bioshock didn't change the game industry over night. But,
: the point I think you missed, is that it gave the industry a big kick in
: the pants and said, "Hey! Stop giving players good games and stories,
: give them fantastically amazing ones!"

: Also, as for you "verdict" of "shitty game", there's
: really only two reason why you would say that. The game may not be
: revolutionary, it is still very very far from shitty. The first reason
: would be that you are a heartless man and don't enjoy a good emotionally
: journey. You're Zachary Comstock. The second would be, that your a
: scrapper and a fighter and just wanted to stirs things up. You're Booker
: Dewitt.

Lol. Bioshock Infinite is a 'fantastically amazing' story? Sorry to say this so rudely, but you need to get out there and read some books and watch some films, many of which are ACTUAL amazing stories.

Adam Sessler, who was the sole reason I purchased this game, gushed on and on about the symbolism and the portrayal of racism and religion. I'll just link to this article, which sums up quite well why only someone with no life experience or any knowledge of works that interestingly tackle those topics, would find Bioshock Infinite incredible.

After that what's left is a fantasy story about alternate dimensions, with a twist that nobody with an ounce of film history experience would say is original. The original Bioshock's ending wins here, and I thought I'd never say anything like that.

The world was lovely but you could barely interact. The people performed their scripted motions and that was that. You couldn't talk to them and make choices and make them like you / piss them off like you could in Human Revolution. Even Half Life 2 had better interaction. At least if you went up to someone in that game and hit the action button they'd turn and say something new to you.

The combat is bad. The enemies are stupid, and there aren't a lot of them. Vigors and weapon upgrades break the game even on hard. Even on hard you can upgrade the carbine to one shot standard enemies IN THE CHEST. Vigor upgrades are likewise ridiculously good. Murder of crows and Devil's Kiss upgraded = impossible to die. Salts are everywhere and Elizabeth even gives them to you in combat if you run out. Uggg. I put on some pants that would stun nearby enemies if I got an overkill, and guess what? Seems like every kill with the Volley Gun counts as an overkill because I'd always seem to stun large amounts of enemies. The combat arenas are largely the same. You can go through the game with the same two weapons and never need more. Sniper / Volley Gun seemed to work all throughout hard.

The sky rails are used sparingly and simply for transport, rather than a means of exploration in a non linear set of challenges.

Some stupid blogger (trying to find the link) said Bioshock Infinite would be better if there was no combat, in response to Ken Levine saying he put combat in there to make the game fun. Bioshock Infinite without combat would be like Heavy Rain, but without the ability to talk to anyone, make any choices, or have the story react to your decisions. Yeah, that sounds GREAT. NOT.

So yeah, I don't really respond to broken combat, and a story that merely appears intelligent. Not to say there's not stuff I liked, the character animation and the environment were really astounding.

All it needed was more interaction and ability to explore with that world, a better combat system, and a story that goes beyond the thinnest instances of the exploration of the human condition with regards to racism.

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