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Re: I'm buying it.
Date: 3/25/13 9:02 pm
In Response To: Re: I'm buying it. (Revenant1988)

: So its everyone else's responsibility to know that ahead of time huh? See
: Cody, I and other regulars here know this, but lurkers and less frequent
: posters don't.

: I don't have so much as a problem with what you say, but how you say it.

: It wouldn't take you that much time to add "I think" or "for
: me" or "its my belief" instead of making everything finite.

Cody's a big boy and can take care of himself, and it's kind of funny. I got scolded for mockingly throwing "in my opinion" at the end of practically every thought and sentence of so many posts because of how you've reacted to Cody in this thread. People outside of HBO might not get it, but as you brilliantly deduced, it's pretty clear that what Cody stated was ABSOLUTELY NOT A FACT. It's pretty clear that people can do quite a good job of differentiating between fact and opinion, and yelling at Cody because he gave an opinion in an absolute way (because he absolutely opines that opinion) is only pointing out the obvious. He shouldn't have to add "I think" or "for me" or "it's my belief" or "in my opinion" to every single thought or sentence, whether he's stating said thoughts absolutely or as conjecture. Of course, this entire post of mine is just my opinion on the matter. ;)

: Don't insult my intelligence. I don't give a crap if you do or don't post. I
: don't read every post on this forum, but I DO read the ones that are
: relevant to my interests (and I would wager that a lot of folks here do
: the same). I like Bioshock, and plan to get Infinite thus I decided to
: read this particular post. Your first post didn't bother me, your second
: post did, because of the way you word things.

You insulted your own intelligence by pointing out the obvious fact that his statement wasn't a fact. He was also being facetious. At least it's my opinion he was being facetious. Maybe he was serious. Also, if you hate the way he words things and they bother you, you know, you don't have to read his posts, right? Or mine. Or Wu's. Or Kermit's. Maybe someone's posting style just pisses you off, or everything they say pisses you off, or just how they say it pisses you off. Avoid em. Or don't. I tend not to avoid posters, no matter how much I disagree with them. I usually don't even take issue with how people say things.

As you've clearly demonstrated, you feel strongly about BioShock and about your dislike of Cody's style of posting. He feels strongly about what he feels strongly about. The tone might come off strongly because, well, you and he feel strongly! Could it be toned down some? Oh yeah. Am I guilty of the same and worse? Oh yeah. These things happen when things are felt strongly about, and sometimes not everyone takes a step back. :P

: I noted that at the bottom of my previous post I was referring to games in a
: global tense. Destiny, Halo___, Starcraft, Bioshock- it doesn't matter.
: It's one thing to be critical of a game after it comes out- its another to
: do it when it hasn't even been released yet or you haven't even played it.
: Do I really need to link you to your posts on DBO or the ACTIVE thread
: about DRM and the direction that took?

Well he's right about the DRM even if Bungie's intent isn't literally to use it as DRM, but that's neither here nor there. Also, Schooly was right about H4 well before it launched, and he's still right today, so there is precedent. :P

: Great, then here is my advice for you: Maybe discuss the things you really
: like instead of making vague statements in a negative tone. Be
: constructive. The only mental picture I have of you is someone who stopped
: enjoying gaming a long time ago yet still hangs around to tell people how
: much he dislikes gaming today.

In my opinion, I think Cody likes gaming so much that he hates seeing its degradation, and this is why he feels strongly about it. :P

: I'll give you this- I should know better by now to not read what you type and
: take it serious. I'll do my best to not do that again.

To play devil's advocate even more than I already have in this post, instead of reacting the way you did, you could have always responded by asking him what he disliked about it and allowed it to turn into a constructive dialogue of potentially differing opinions. Thus far in this thread I still don't know why Cody doesn't like BioShock. So yeah, Cody could have gone about it differently, but you could have, too. Also, I am so not trying to be preachy. Like I said up above, I am so totally guilty of a lot of this stuff. Frankly, I just want to know why Cody doesn't like BioShock because I totally disagree with his dislike, but I'd love to hear why, consider it, and potentially respond if I feel like there's something nifty to talk about.

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     I can't wait!bryan newman3/25/13 1:55 pm
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