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Re: Rate the Halo games
Date: 4/22/13 10:08 pm
In Response To: Rate the Halo games (Cody Miller)

: Best Single Player:
1 - Halo 1
2 - ODST
3 - Halo 2
4 - Halo 4
5 - Reach
6 - Halo 3
7 - Halo Wars

: Best Multiplayer:
1 - Halo 2
2 - Halo 3
3 - Halo 1
4 - Halo 4
5 - Reach
6 - ODST (eh, never really played Firefight all that much)
7 - Halo Wars

: Best Story:
1 - Halo 2
2 - Halo 1
3 - ODST
4 - Halo 4
5 - Halo 3
6 - Reach
7 - Halo Wars

: Best game for women's rights:
1 - Um, Reach I guess? Most female characters who weren't completely unbearable lol

: Best drinking minigame:
1 - 8 shots before matchmaking, any Halo game. Two games and your done. I've done this two or three times, hilarity (and ungodly headaches) ensued.

: Worst line of dialogue:
1 - Reach "The Covenant are on Reach, I repeat, the Covenant are on Reach." Really this is all that needs to be said. I cringe every time I hear it.

: Time Spent Playing-
1 - Halo 3
2 - Reach
3 - Halo 2
4 - Halo 1
5 - Halo 4
6 - ODST
7 - Halo Wars

: Most awesome level

1 - Halo 4: Midnight (something about flying through the ship and suddenly seeing Earth again for the first time in years just gave me thrills I hadn't experienced before. Also, Red Forerunner architecture was a nice change of pace. This level, IMO, really showed that 343 has the potential to step it up and change the formula, if only they have the courage to.
2 - Halo 2: High Charity - This level is one of the few times I was truly terrified of the Flood. No lights at all? Flood growth and Covenant forces being overwhelmed everywhere? Holy shit.
3 - Halo 3: Halo - For all of 3's faults, this is one of my favorite levels of the entire series. The atmosphere is just so cool, and it was amazing visiting the control room again.
4 - ODST: Coastal Highway - I'm actually not too fond of the gameplay in this level (one of the worst Warthog sections from any of the games, in my opinion), but the backdrop and scenery of this level is absolutely incredible. Covenant ships dropping in everywhere, Scarabs, massive swarms of Phantoms and Banshees, not to mention the Assault Carrier slipping in and turning the New Mombasa skyline into a funeral pyre. This level made me believe that the world was about to end. Where the hell was this in Halo 3 and Reach?
5 - Halo 1: The Maw - The tragic ruin of your once great steed becomes the catalyst for your saving of the galaxy. I think this level struck the perfect balance between enemy types. You'd encounter Covenant fighting Flood, Flood fighting Sentinels, and Sentinels fighting Covenant. You never knew what to expect out of the next room. Also, the engine room section was tense, not to mention the grand finale, the Maw run.
6 - Reach: Lone Wolf - Although I rated it last, this is definitely one of the best endings to any of the games. All hope is lost, your fighting a losing battle, you know your going to die, so you just try to hold out as long as you can and take as many of the bastards down with you as possible.
7 - Halo Wars - eh, the "Monsters" cutscene was pretty cool.

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           Me too. Why haven't we played yet?? *NM*Revenant19884/22/13 9:14 pm
           Multiplayer is fine, campaign (story) has probz *NM*Avateur4/22/13 9:29 pm
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                       You aren't alone. *NM*Quirel4/22/13 11:56 pm
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     Lol, Two Betrayals is super controversial. *NM*uberfoop4/22/13 10:52 pm
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                             DBO: The old folk's home. *NM*uberfoop4/23/13 2:23 am
                                   I resemble that remark. *NM*Kermit4/23/13 4:25 pm
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           You forgot one WTF momentZackDark4/25/13 9:30 pm

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