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Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-f
By:General Vagueness
Date: 4/19/13 8:02 pm
In Response To: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fi (gamerguy2002)

: You guys remember this? (Start @ 0:39)


: This is the reason why it was removed : Halo 4 could have had a stasis gun.
: Or a "grapple harpoon." But these weapons were taken out in an
: effort to make the game more accessible and less sci-fi.

: Franchise creative director Josh Holmes told GDC audiences that "when we
: started out, I was really pushing the team to go in a very sci-fi
: direction. I wanted to embrace the sci-fi nature of the enemies and
: explore concepts that were outside the box for Halo, things that you'd
: never seen before in the Halo sandbox."

: Unfortunately, the more sci-fi concepts didn't resonate with players.
: "What we found as we were testing these weapons with players, the
: really deep sci-fi approach wasn't relatable. As a result, they weren't
: really gravitating to these weapons."

: "It really sucks when you're making new weapons and no one wants to use
: them," Holmes added.

: Eventually, 343 Industries had to make sure that all the weapons in the game
: could be understood by players immediately. For example, the scattershot
: is "at it's core, a shotgun," even if it does disintegrate
: enemies. The other weapons that made Halo 4's final roster all have
: immediately understandable real-world counterparts, like a sniper rifle or
: an assault rifle.

: "One of the barriers to entry with Halo is that it is sci-fi,"
: Holmes pointed out. "It's had a very steep learning curve that's
: turned off a lot of players."

: So....thoughts?

I think the stasis gun, the bishop gun, and the gun the Librarian uses on the Didact in the last terminal are all the same thing. I think I'm not fond of their approach. I think blaming sci-fi is missing something about what wasn't liked about that weapon. I think, more than the above points, that I don't particularly like whoever they had playtesting this stuff. I'm not sure how much I care about any of that. I think I appreciate that someone was trying to put more sci-fi weapons into the game, though.

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