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this line really sticks with me
Date: 4/2/13 1:53 pm
In Response To: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fi (gamerguy2002)

: "It really sucks when you're making new weapons and no one wants to use
: them," Holmes added.

Man... that has to be tough. I'm imagining myself as a weapon or character developer and then having people test my creation and not even using it, discarding it for something else like an old favorite.

That's gotta be disheartening.

Maybe a way you change that is to make the weapon interact with the sandbox in a specific, defined way. Once that has been established you then let the players tinker with it on their own and see what else they can come up with.

I want to give this a try

So going back to the stasis and harpoon concepts- What if Halo had a harpoon gun.

Lets say that its of Forerunner origin, and its an energy type weapon. It was originally used in the Human/Forerunner war against humans to litterally strip them of their offensives options on the battlefield.

It doesn't fire a lethal round, rather it uses an enemy's weapon against them.
When fired it launches a stream of energy at an opponent, with several different results.

-Fire it at an Elite and it rips their shield right off of them (you actually 'see' the shield shell get pulled off the elite, like the phasing that Roland did when Halsey hacked him)

-Fire it at a jackal and it rips off their shield gauntlet, hell maybe the whole arm.

-Fire it at Knight and it rips off physical pieces of their armor, exposing the inner workings. You could rip off the face shield and see that glowing skull for the headshot.

-Fire it at a Hunter and you can pull his shielded arm away from his body, freeing up a shot for a teammate (useless to the single player in this case) BUT wait too long and the Hunter can turn the table on YOU and whip you back off the map or into something for collision damage

-Fire it at a grunt and they float in the air, helpless. Fling Grunts into other enemies or objects for hilarity.

-Fire it at the operator of a ghost or mongoose and pull them off it!

-Fire it at a banshee that gets too close and alter its flight path, maybe causing it to miss its shot at you!

-Get close enough to a scorpion tank and launch a lance to grab the barrel and swing it off target but be careful about pulling it at you!

^ ^ ^ It doesn't have to do ALL these things, this is just brainstorming.

What if we had a gun like that in Halo? Sounds like it might be fairly limited for a single player but could be a blast in co-op or competitive multiplayer!

Thoughts? How would you imagine it working?

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     interesting!Revenant19884/2/13 12:54 pm
           Thank you! Loved reading this and echo it myself! *NM*MacGyver104/2/13 1:05 pm
           ^ This ^iForge4/2/13 10:02 pm
           Re: interesting!serpx4/3/13 12:07 am
           Beautiful *NM*thebruce04/3/13 2:05 pm
     this line really sticks with meRevenant19884/2/13 1:53 pm
           Sounds like a blast! *NM*CHa0s4/3/13 2:51 am
     Approval testing ruined itRC Master4/2/13 6:18 pm
           Re: Approval testing ruined itCody Miller4/3/13 5:36 am
                 Re: Approval testing ruined itRC Master4/3/13 9:08 am
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fGuttsu4/2/13 6:22 pm
     Is this an April Fool's joke?Avateur4/2/13 8:50 pm
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fgamerguy20024/3/13 1:03 am
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fQuirel4/3/13 3:51 am
     Complacent Gaming Syndrome strikes again!Gravemind4/3/13 2:39 pm
           Re: Complacent Gaming Syndrome strikes again!Metalingus6274/3/13 5:30 pm
                 Re: Complacent Gaming Syndrome strikes again!RC Master4/3/13 6:00 pm
                       Re: Complacent Gaming Syndrome strikes again!Guttsu4/3/13 6:27 pm
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fWaferMouse4/3/13 5:15 pm
     To be fair...uberfoop4/3/13 6:50 pm
           To also be fairAvateur4/3/13 7:00 pm
                 Re: To also be fairuberfoop4/3/13 7:09 pm
                       Update...I think?gamerguy20024/4/13 3:04 am
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     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fGeneral Vagueness4/19/13 8:02 pm

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