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To also be fair
Date: 4/3/13 7:00 pm
In Response To: To be fair... (uberfoop)

: A "stasis gun" would play like absolute crap as a multiplayer
: weapon. Halo 1 plasma "stun" is one thing, giving you a length
: full stun is completely another, and would probably be perceived as being
: a bigger killjoy in action than having some armour lock on you.

: There was an outcry on GAF that took pretty much the exact form as the one
: here, and David Ellis claimed that the "focus testing"
: interpretation of the presentation was nonsense and that the reason it was
: cut was because of testing by internal staffers.

: I absolutely think the Forerunner sandbox should have been a lot more unique
: than it was, but the "stasis gun" sort of approach is something
: that absolutely should have been cut if we're including everything in
: multiplayer.
: (Note: I do think having mode-exclusive weapons would be a perfectly fine
: solution. I don't remember Halo 1's original lack of MP banshees being a
: terrible problem for the game, for instance).

While what David Ellis states about how this went down with this particular weapon, the overall statement and design philosophy speaks volumes for all of the other completely whack decisions H4's multiplayer has had to deal with. I'm not against them keeping a weapon that's not fun or doesn't work from being in the game. Focus groups, non-focus groups. Whatever. He's arguing about the means. The fact is, the overall ends of multiplayer have been generally terrible. I played a lot more games last night, and there are a ton of fixes and things helping to make this game more playable, but it still has many problems. Either way, the design philosophy as a whole is a joke. Thank god there are some people at 343 who care and who get it, and I really enjoyed myself last night thanks to the fixes of some of those people.

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     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fSonGoharotto4/2/13 12:53 pm
     interesting!Revenant19884/2/13 12:54 pm
           Thank you! Loved reading this and echo it myself! *NM*MacGyver104/2/13 1:05 pm
           ^ This ^iForge4/2/13 10:02 pm
           Re: interesting!serpx4/3/13 12:07 am
           Beautiful *NM*thebruce04/3/13 2:05 pm
     this line really sticks with meRevenant19884/2/13 1:53 pm
           Sounds like a blast! *NM*CHa0s4/3/13 2:51 am
     Approval testing ruined itRC Master4/2/13 6:18 pm
           Re: Approval testing ruined itCody Miller4/3/13 5:36 am
                 Re: Approval testing ruined itRC Master4/3/13 9:08 am
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fGuttsu4/2/13 6:22 pm
     Is this an April Fool's joke?Avateur4/2/13 8:50 pm
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fgamerguy20024/3/13 1:03 am
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fQuirel4/3/13 3:51 am
     Complacent Gaming Syndrome strikes again!Gravemind4/3/13 2:39 pm
           Re: Complacent Gaming Syndrome strikes again!Metalingus6274/3/13 5:30 pm
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                       Re: Complacent Gaming Syndrome strikes again!Guttsu4/3/13 6:27 pm
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fWaferMouse4/3/13 5:15 pm
     To be fair...uberfoop4/3/13 6:50 pm
           To also be fairAvateur4/3/13 7:00 pm
                 Re: To also be fairuberfoop4/3/13 7:09 pm
                       Update...I think?gamerguy20024/4/13 3:04 am
                 Re: To also be fairMonochron4/5/13 11:37 am
           Re: To be fair...General Vagueness4/19/13 8:35 pm
     Re: stasis gun dropped to make the game less sci-fGeneral Vagueness4/19/13 8:02 pm

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