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Re: Halo 4 three months out
Date: 3/6/13 6:25 am
In Response To: Re: Halo 4 three months out (Avateur)

Lemme clarify a few things.

Firstly, my wording made things a bit too general. My fault.
That Halo is being burnt out is my own personal feeling, and one that a few people have said they share.
The fact is that I have progressively played the Halo campaigns less and less with each release.
Now I could say this is because of story issues, level and encounter design... all these things degrading over time.
But I don't think that alone is responsible for this.
Going back to the original in HCEA did not have me thinking "this is so much better!"
I'm also not a tricker when it comes to games, so things like kill barriers in Reach were not the major turn-off they were to others.

That's why I feel the series is falling into the trap of "more of the same, too often."

So I'm not really talking about multiplayer or sales.
Call of Duty, Halo, FIFA... all remain absolutely massive sellers, but that's not the point.
I bought Call of Duty 4, World at War, 2 and then Modern Warfare 2 in that order.
MW2 was the last I bought, because I got burnt out with it.
That and I hated World at War, so flat out refused to buy Treyarch's Black-Ops. Something my 2 IRL friends later said was a good call on my part. None of us got MW3 or BO2.

I was the same with DiRT and the F1 games. Been getting them all, but skipped 2012's DiRT Showdown and F1 2012 because it was too soon.

: Destiny awaits, am I right? ;)

Weeeell, might have noticed I haven't even signed up for DBO.
Right now, Destiny just doesn't really mean anything to me.
I don't know enough to be hyped, nor do I know what's going to make it such a special FPS.
The recent vidoc actually kind of turned me off... not because of the game perse (what little we saw) but how it mostly seemed to consist of floating Bungie faces telling me how awesome it is and patting themselves on the back.
I got it when we would have a trailer, and then a vidoc to show a bit more behind the scenes but... meh. I'm sorry Bungie, but I'm afraid that is just not the way to make me excited.
Basically, just because Bungie are making it, the game doesn't get a free pass of awesomeness with me.

: I can't speak on Metal Gear Rising, but oh my gosh you are not kidding about
: Zelda. I'm really enjoying my Hyrule Historia (though I really wish it
: wasn't so heavy on Skyward Sword, especially for the first chunk of the
: book, but hey).

Yeah, it's a fantastic book. The Skyward Sword section is definitely a bit expansive, but its understandable since the book and game were developed at the same time (the book was released 2011 in Japan for the 25th anniversary).
Being such an old series where so much of the old design work was actually done on paper, it's great to see just how much old content Nintendo have held onto that was able to be cleaned up and re-printed. Like the level designs for the original LoZ.
I just wish art books like this could also be supplied with a CD of digital versions of the images for a better look.

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