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Re: Halo 4 three months out
Date: 3/5/13 9:19 pm
In Response To: Re: Halo 4 three months out (Bry)

: The Halo formula is being burnt out, as are the people playing it, by short
: turnaround times.

Correlation, not causation. Bungie took a risk with gameplay design in multiplayer with Reach, a design that many people had a problem with. Then 343 Industries showed up and released a Title Addition that didn't update a single thing and only divided what people thought about the game even further, which also happened to be a risk that made gameplay potentially more or less frustrating depending on where one stood in playing. The campaign, as Cody's isnotcanon websites show, is also a very strong point of controversy in regards to canon or even just basic storytelling. H4 has some pretty solid gameplay mechanics, but boy is it filled with problems and poor design choices.

Call of Duty releases about 50 games a week and they all sell something like 80,000,000,000,000 copies. Nothing really changes in that series, ever. It may never fatigue. It could possibly go the route of Madden and just always sell sell sell. They found a formula that works, even if it's not really anywhere near as solid or competitive as Halo's. Either way, Halo's lost a lot of solid footing.

Destiny awaits, am I right? ;)

: Let's put this in context. Since the Halo franchise began back in 2001,
: there have been 6 main series FPS games.
: In that same time frame, Nintendo have only released 3 main series Legend of
: Zelda games.
: There was a whole 5 years between Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, and
: we're talking about Nintendo's jewel in the crown, flagship series.
: With Twilight Princess actually being a Gamecube game that was given a very
: basic port as a Wii launch title, the reality is that the Nintendo Wii
: only had a single true Zelda release in the consoles lifespan.

: That's quite a difference.

: Speaking of which, I've recently been alternating between Metal Gear Rising
: and Twilight Princess.
: Having been unceremoniously and laughably whooped in my first attempt at case
: R-00 on Very Hard, I should get back to TP.
: Right now.

I can't speak on Metal Gear Rising, but oh my gosh you are not kidding about Zelda. I'm really enjoying my Hyrule Historia (though I really wish it wasn't so heavy on Skyward Sword, especially for the first chunk of the book, but hey).

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