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Re: Star Wars EU is not Canon
By:Stephen L. (SoundEffect)
Date: 4/27/14 12:38 pm
In Response To: Star Wars EU is not Canon (Cody Miller)

: So, episodes VII to IX will not be in the same universe as all the books and
: stuff. All the Star Wars Expanded Universe is no longer canon as of that
: announcement.

: Loftus, I think this is the final nail in the coffin for approaching canon
: rigorously, and unwaveringly. You gotta be flexible. Someone on
: posted "Fuck you Disney! 20 years, WASTED". With an
: attitude like that, they sure were buddy. They sure were…

: Halo Reach is not canon, and THAT'S OKAY.

: Do your worst 343, we are ready.

As far as Star Wars is concerned, I really only know about the 6 movies. I have read maybe two of the novels and played the Shadows of the Empire video game, which I thought was great (OK, mostly for the Outrider!) So I'm neither beholden, nor really familiar with the Star Wars novels or what chronologically happened after the events of Return of the Jedi. So if Disney is going to rewrite some of what happened, I can't really say much about it, nor will I likely even notice.

With Halo, having documented so much of what's 'official' for myself, I see it better and more comprehensively than someone who's played the game once or twice or read a novel but had not taken notes from every page.

I understand fully why I have a harder time than someone unfamiliar with the nuances and minutiae when some aspect of canon is ignored or overwritten.

I do see what Levi is saying about how the story is what matters to the reader and individual interpretation, and such, but for me, the idea of having a canon basis of information is what we would agree upon or notice for ourselves when playing the game or reading a novel or comic. If canon is to mean anything, it's what we would all takes notes about having seen or read the same story.

I guess I wouldn't have that much of a problem with changes if it weren't for the likes of the developers themselves telling us what that canon is. If the developers didn't care to take it seriously, then why, as a fan or participant, care as well?

The shame is with some foresight and some better planning there would have been no canon issues in Halo. It just wasn't anticipated early on that it would be a smash success. I guess and they didn't make maintaining continuity a production priority over other matters. That's where the problems start and it's hard to rein in control once the tapestry of your story begins to unravel.

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                 Re: Yes it is.Stephen L. (SoundEffect)4/27/14 3:15 pm
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                       Re: Yes it is.Cody Miller5/1/14 4:41 pm
                             Re: Yes it is.Stephen L. (SoundEffect)5/2/14 10:46 am
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           I donated all my Star Wars books.Captain Spark4/27/14 9:35 am
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                       Re: Star Wars EU is not CanonStephen L. (SoundEffect)4/27/14 11:00 pm
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                             Loftus is such a hipsterZackDark5/1/14 1:56 pm

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