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Re: "Evolution" in sci-fi
Date: 6/1/13 12:06 pm
In Response To: "Evolution" in sci-fi (Dervish)

There are so many points that I wanted to respond to in here that others got to. And points I'd like to respond to in the responses. I simply don't have the time to absorb it all and get into depth.

To summarize:

I don't understand getting up in arms about details such as this because there is so much we don't understand in the universe, both macro and micro. Science as we know it today would have been considered magic just 100 years ago, just imagine the comprehension of things the most brilliant minds will have in the far future.

Don't be capping on Greg Bear ;) He has a grasp and an imagination and the ability to take hard science to places that may NOT be fantasy, but actually foretelling the future (as many science fiction writers basically have done), in short he works magic in every novel he writes. I challenge any critic to move minds and imaginations a fraction of what he has in his career as a writer.

Back to the talk of science and "evolution" and the Librarian, seems totally plausible to me based on what little I know of what little mankind knows currently about DNA and genes, etc. Science is showing that more than just "instinct" is passed on from generation to generation, and it's looking more and more that a memory of sorts is actually passed on. This is science, and most possibly science that Greg Bear is aware of, being a hard science fiction writer and all. A lot of what I've read in here is basic ignorance, and I don't say that with any kind of judgement. We as people have a history of "getting up in arms" about those things of which we don't comprehend, our history is overwhelmed with it.

As far as the argument that the Librarian could not have plotted the course of Master Chief's evolution, summing up your own words evolution is the survival of a species by overcoming obstacles to that survival, which is exactly what the Librarian made sure would happen, so that's an acceptable word to me ("evolution"). Besides, I think most can agree that the word has taken on a new meaning, as words in any language in time do, to include those changes in a species that makes it stronger and more advanced, which in and of themselves results in a better capacity to survive.

If you know anything about genes, you will know that they can be dormant, and if you read an article I wrote last week, "It's not Halo, but damn it's cool! We are like Hunters" I show sources to scientific facts about genes and DNA including that most of our DNA is "junk" and not even used. This junk is copied the same over and over and it's easy to see how it could contain the genes the Librarian hid and that she could later trigger them to become active, as what happens to thousands of people a year when dormant genes wake up and they get cancers and other hereditary diseases. Speaking of that Hunter article, why aren't people freaking out about Hunters and "how could worms amass into a huge being and not only create a common intelligence for that being but also be linked to all the other worms that are amassed into the other beings?!?" lol, I'm not trying to be a "flamer", I truly just don't get the issue here.

If you have a fascination or even an obsession with the subject, I suggest researching it. Genes and gene therapy are a fascinating and exciting subject, with discoveries and cures being researched and, lately, miraculously achieved. They are even finding ways to code our white blood cells in cancer research. Sorry I don't have links offhand, but the info is out there, go check it out it's freakin' awesome!

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