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Re: "Evolution" in sci-fi
By:Stephen L. (SoundEffect)
Date: 5/31/13 8:50 pm
In Response To: Re: "Evolution" in sci-fi (SEspider)

: "Evolution" is NOT a "well-established fact of nature" at
: all. That is if you are speaking of cross species evolving. There is no
: evidence of it. Scientist love to take tiny bone fragments (like just a
: tooth) and create a new creature from it and claim it to have existed with
: false documents and reports. Saying there are more white moths then black
: moths during the winter because they evolved and learned to change their
: color is just flat out stupid. They didn't evolve. The black moths simply
: stood out against the snow and ice, and therefore were picked off first by
: birds, lizards, and mammals. That's like saying the woodpecker evolved
: to..well peck wood at high speeds as they do. Saying so is the same as
: Lamarckian cliff as well. That is a TON of force being applied to the
: bird's head. By the time he learned to do it he'll either be too old to do
: it or dead before he learned how to. And don't get me started on a
: woodpecker's tongue.

Sorry, but it is. Evolution is the series of explanations for the facts of genetic change in species over time.

: The ONLY "evolution" I believe in is the change of a species to
: it's own. Wolf to Pitbull, Lion to house Cat. Lizard to different lizard
: colors (because those that stood out were eaten). NOT Dinosaur to Chicken,
: or Monkey to Human. Just because there are similarities between species,
: that does NOT mean they are related nor that they came from one another.

Evolution is not a belief system. You understand it or you don't. It's not something to believe in. Evolution is the explanation to account for all the observed facts.

If you go back through layers of strata, you come to a time in the distant past where there were no hominids. Back further to when there were no mammals at all. When you get really far back, there are fossils of simple non-complex life. You don't find mammals in those layer ages of rock at all.

If there were no mammals at all back in that time and there are many kind now, where did those come from. They evolved from other lifeforms along the way.

It's not a matter of looking for transitional forms to bridge the gaps. ALL life forms on the planet are transitional forms from what they were to what they'll be.

In tens of million years from now, you won't recognize what you call a human being today. The species will have changed into something unrecognizable, but the genes will be able to verify the ancestry.

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