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By:RC Master
Date: 6/1/13 9:13 am
In Response To: Re: "Evolution" in sci-fi (SEspider)

Sorry SESpider, but you've been fed lies and misinformation.

: "Evolution" is NOT a "well-established fact of nature" at
: all.

Actually it is. DNA alone provides overwhelming evidence in favour of it.

: That is if you are speaking of cross species evolving.

Oh. Micro vs. macro evolution? The distinction is basically bullshit. They come from the same process of scientific enquiry and are supported by the same evidence and work by the same fundamental processes. It is simply not possible to accept one and reject the other. You can't cherry-pick well-supported scientific theories. You either reject the entire enterprise (and much of modern life and technology) or you accept the process and everything that comes with it.

To make an analogy, this is like accepting the Sun is the centre of the solar system, but still saying the solar system is at the centre of the universe.

: Scientist love to take tiny bone fragments (like just a
: tooth) and create a new creature from it and claim it to have existed with
: false documents and reports.

Sorry, but science is based on evidence. That's not evidence, and is therefore not science. That's called quackery.

Also a tooth would not be a fragment. It is a bone. It would be a skeletal fragment -if that's what you meant.

: The black moths simply
: stood out against the snow and ice, and therefore were picked off first by
: birds, lizards, and mammals.

That's kinda what evolution by natural selection is. By the way.

: That's like saying the woodpecker evolved
: to..well peck wood at high speeds as they do. [...] That is a TON of force being applied to the
: bird's head. By the time he learned to do it he'll either be too old to do
: it or dead before he learned how to.

Evolution happens over generations. Successive generations got faster at woodpecking because it was an advantage to do so in their environment. One bird didn't suddenly decide to peck that fast.

: The ONLY "evolution" I believe in is the change of a species to
: it's own. Wolf to Pitbull, Lion to house Cat. Lizard to different lizard
: colors (because those that stood out were eaten). NOT Dinosaur to Chicken,
: or Monkey to Human.

Monkeys did not evolve into Humans. Principally because we're APES (no tails) and not monkeys. We share a (relatively) recent ancestor with apes compared to the other species. We didn't descend from gorillas; we're close cousins.

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