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Re: Halo: CE Map Remakes... (Installation 04)
By:General Vagueness
Date: 5/18/13 8:03 pm

: This is going to be a process thread. I'll be posting links to my Fileshare
: as well as image updates to the maps' progress. These maps are meant to
: reflect areas from the original Halo's CAMPAIGN but with changes added for
: Halo4's Matchmaking. These maps will go through a number of changes based
: on feedback from you guys/gals. I'll not be posting this on other websites
: (outside of maybe The reason for this is simple.
: You guys are the only ones that actually seem to care enough to test maps
: and give both "FanBoy" and "Compeditive" feedback. You
: are more then welcome to "spread the love" by sharing the map
: and testing it with friends. All I ask is that you NOT make changes to it
: and then repost to another Fileshare. I want to keep changes isolated on
: my end and in this thread. Updates to these maps will be posted in my
: Fileshare with a Version Number (V1.0.2, V1.0.3, etc).

: Installation 4.5
: #!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0

: Once used in a "Fire Fight" simulation against the Covenant for
: both ODSTs and Spartan IIIs, Installation 04 has now been re purposed for
: the Spartan IVs' War Games. As with it's previous with incarnation, the
: grounds is wide open with little cover. Each team is granted both a
: Warthog and a Mongoose. Armor Abilities are enabled in it's current build.
: But be careful. For attempting to leave the training grounds WILL result
: in a lose of a life and points for your team.

: Due to the recent error of the Infinity's memory banks, cosmetic features
: have been corrupted. This has lead to metallic surfaces where there should
: be organic. Building structures have also been corrupted in appearance.
: Our War Games engineers apologize for this and are working on the problems
: as we speak. However, they assure us the program is still functional.
: Infinity's assistant War Games programer, Wetwork Officer Chris
: "Thee" Crappy recommends the Flood Simulator. The map is
: however currently setup for Regicide, Team Slayer, and CTF as well.

: Due to the file corruption, images are currently unavailable.
: Please provide any feedback you may have.

This played pretty well last night, I think. I know I heard one person comment that they liked it. I can see how it might get frustrating and monotonous trying to take, retake, and hold those ramps and that upper area again and again, but it seems good so far; I think it'll take a few matches to get a feel for it. One person commented on the size, saying it seemed too big (I think someone else disagreed with them), while it felt about right to me; sprint was probably a factor.

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