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Re: Halo: CE Map Remakes... (Grunt Canyon)
Date: 5/7/13 1:51 pm
In Response To: Halo: CE Map Remakes... (Jackal Island) (SEspider)

This is going to be a process thread. I'll be posting links to my Fileshare as well as image updates to the maps' progress. These maps are meant to reflect areas from the original Halo's CAMPAIGN but with changes added for Halo4's Matchmaking. These maps will go through a number of changes based on feedback from you guys/gals. I'll not be posting this on other websites (outside of maybe The reason for this is simple. You guys are the only ones that actually seem to care enough to test maps and give both "FanBoy" and "Compeditive" feedback. You are more then welcome to "spread the love" by sharing the map and testing it with friends. All I ask is that you NOT make changes to it and then repost to another Fileshare. I want to keep changes isolated on my end and in this thread. Updates to these maps will be posted in my Fileshare with a Version Number (V1.0.2, V1.0.3, etc).

Grunt Canyon!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0

Designed based on the familiar area from Alpha Halo. This simulated canyon was designed and built by Spartan-117 himself. When asked why he chose to design around this particular area from Alpha Halo, 117 simply replied "Grunts." We are still unsure as to what he meant by that. But on the field video records reveal large infantries of Covenant Grunts being deployed into the Cannon and over-whelming Pillar Of Autumn's crash survivors. Footage also shows Grunts attempting to over-power the famous Spartan by "dog piling" him with jumps from neighboring rocks. Only a electrical charge (we're assuming from Cortana intervening) from the Spartan's suit saved his life. With the Spartan's help, the remaining UNSC personal are rescued. Sadly, they later perished in the Flood infestation that followed.

The structure in the canyon is of UNSC design. Spartan-117 informs us it was placed there to give Spartans/Players a fall back point. Unlike his encounter on the Ring World, this version of the canyon is fully enclosed from all sides.

Currently set up for CTF, One-Bomb, Slayer, FFA, and Flood, the map provides lots of vantage points and lines of site along with cover a plenty. Similar to Jackal Island, one team spawns in the vantage point. Unlike Jackal Island, movement is consistent for both teams. Large rocks provide cover while also providing line of sight. One Bomb test runs have proven team-work. Something the UNSC is very pleased to see. Due to a lack of lighting, the UNSC has removed a section of the canyon wall. To keep teams isolated to the area, the wall was replaced with a cliff edge and scenery from Requiem.

There are reports of confusion during One-Bomb where Red team's Deliver indicator appears but can not be placed. This is a error in coding and will be fixed. In the meantime, Red Team is asked to ignore this. And to remember it's called "one-Bomb" for a reason.

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