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Q & A time
Date: 5/24/13 3:15 am
In Response To: Halo: CE Map Remakes... (Jackal Island) (SEspider)

I've been given a few questions from Halo players concerning this series. So I thought I'd answer them here. Please feel free to add ask your own questions as well. Take note that questions that start with *Q) are ones I were not asked but made up by me.

Q) What lead you to start this series?

A) I miss the feel of the original Halo game. The free movement, the sense of a new universe, and the geometry were all my favorite parts outside of the story. I was hoping to bring that back with these remakes.

Q) Why have you been focusing on the play spaces after Master Chief crashes onto the ring?

A) Those areas are some of the most memorable parts of the game, in my mind. They were our first battles on this strange new world. I always expected to see them return in ODST's and Reach's FireFight mode. Sadly, only one actually did and not to it's fullest. In the end, I guess I just wanted to play them again. lol

Q) Your remakes have changes applied to them not found in the originals. Why add these changes?

A) Gameplay. Flat and simple. In Halo CE, it was always you and the Marines against the invading Covenant that seemed to never end. But it was mostly just you cause the marines were too stupid to fight and survive. Because of this, players would take advantage of the terrain and basically camp. These particular maps were basically precursors to the FireFight Mode found in later games. It feels too similar not to be.

But these remakes are to be used in War Games. To balance the map for both teams, changes have to be made. Sometimes it's a simple addition to the landscape to provide cover. Other times, it's adding new paths for movement and ease of access. I wish I didn't have to add these changes, but for War Games, they are necessary.

*Q) Outside of the changes you've made and Forge's budget limit, I've noticed that your maps are not spot on remakes. Was this intentional? And if so, why?

A) When I started this project, I wanted to challenge myself a little and at the same time leave my own mark on the designs. I feel the best way to do this with remakes is to not use references at all. I based the designs solely off memory. I know this is frowned upon by many Forgers, but to be honest, I really don't care. My goal is to bring back memories of 'Ol and provide a fun and balanced map all at the same time. Because they are all remakes (and mostly first time remakes at that), I can focus more on balance and less on design. Most Halo players will know these maps' layout before even entering that. The fully realize my remakes are different in size when compared to the originals. I also know that there is no large rock formation among the trees on the play space to which Jackal Island is based. These changes are mostly aesthetic issues. And usually required ones. I can't just leave that area of Jackal Island empty with nothing but trees for cover. Players will not like that. Especially when the enemy is shooting them from atop the hill of central structure. Compromises have to be made. Sorry.

Q) Your Installation 04 remake is from Reach's FireFight instead of the original. Why is that?

A) The original CE version had a underground level to it. I loved that and badly wanted to include it on my remake as well. In preparing for the remake, I included the path on my (u)Origins map. But players rarely used it. I even added a Rocket Launcher to the are to tempt players to the area with little success. Most players either completely missed the teleporters or found it a waste of space. This lead to me focusing on the FireFight version, hence the Man Cannons. Turns out I didn't have a choice in the matter anyway. Once I completed the map, I didn't have the budget nor enough building blocks to recreate the underground path anyway. :(

Q) How has Armor Abilities effected your designs? Some of your remakes don't allow them. And how did you manage that?

A) Player Trait Zones are a very useful tool for Forgers in Halo4. They along with Gravity Zones allow builders to place in invisible walls (sorta speak) to keep players in the play area. In my case, they PTZs allow me to disable Armor Abilities as well. I disabled them to see how Halo4 players would adjust to not having them on these classic maps. Outside of a little confusion at first, no one seemed to miss them. In fact, many seemed to enjoy not having them. The fact of the matter is that AAs tend to break maps. In Reach it was the Jetpack, Armor Lock, and Camo. In Halo4, it's pretty much everything with Jetpack and Promethean Vision being the worst. Promethean Vision makes classic crouch walking have little to no use now and Jetpack forces kill zones when we shouldn't need them. The Jetpack is properly the least useful AA for us Bumper Jumper users.

*Q) Do you plan to remake maps from other Halo games/levels?

A) Only time will tell. ;)

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