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Re: It's Cortana
By:General Vagueness
Date: 5/17/14 12:17 am
In Response To: Re: It's Cortana (Grizzlei)

: Had Frankie stated or implied that Cortana wasn't "technically a
: girl", that would not only a slap in the face to quite a lot of
: people, including myself, but would denounce the abilities of artificial
: intelligence constructs and insist that they are mere creations of our
: will without the capacity for self-determination.

I agree with you on everything else, but she's artificial, and incorporeal, and fictional-- if she was none of those I'd go with what you said; if she was one of those I'd almost definitely agree; if she was two of those, I might go with it, or I might not, but all three... it compounds what Schooly D is actually referring to, which is *their* definition of the word "girl" (or "woman" if that was also used). I'm wondering now, would you call Cortana a girl, a woman, or what? I mean she's female, and she's 8 years old (as of Halo 4), but she's smarter than most/all humans and very mature (although her end stages got pretty immature), and she's not human, so maybe human standards shouldn't apply? Well hmm, I just thought of this, if we're not applying human standards, maybe "girl" and "woman" and female aren't right at all...?

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                 Same thought I had *NM*ZackDark5/16/14 9:09 am
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                                         Too small, IMO *NM*ZackDark5/17/14 3:16 pm
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                 Character also confirmed not a girl.uberfoop5/16/14 11:28 am
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                             Re: Character also confirmed not a girl.Revenant19885/16/14 11:33 am
                                   Halo 6: Yayap confirmed. *NM*Pkmnrulz2405/16/14 12:38 pm
                             Nevermind...MacGyver105/16/14 11:37 am
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     It's CortanaSchooly D5/16/14 12:43 pm
           Re: It's CortanaDEEP NNN5/16/14 12:47 pm
                 Re: It's CortanaSchooly D5/16/14 1:02 pm
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                                   Re: It's CortanaTDSpiral5/16/14 1:38 pm
                                         my, what large links you have... *NM*Mid7night5/16/14 1:40 pm
           Re: It's CortanaGrizzlei5/16/14 1:16 pm
                 Re: It's CortanaSchooly D5/16/14 1:40 pm
                       Re: It's CortanaGrizzlei5/16/14 1:53 pm
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                             Re: It's CortanaTex5/16/14 2:14 pm
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     Re: Fixed it. *img*Hyokin5/17/14 1:53 am
           Re: Fixed it more.serpx5/17/14 2:29 am
                 Re: Fixed it more.Hyokin5/17/14 2:34 am
                 Can I cancel a preorder I haven't made yet? *NM*padraig085/17/14 4:43 am

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