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Re: Halo Forge Survey
By:General Vagueness
Date: 1/10/14 8:17 pm
In Response To: Re: Halo Forge Survey (SEspider)

: The lack of fine turned movements is what makes it more difficult. Be glad
: it's not as it was in Halo3. ;)

I am, except I remember in Halo 3's Forge you could hold down a button while moving things and you'd move slower-- I don't remember what button or if it slowed down by that much, though. The whole thing where the higher (or lower) the angle you look at an object from the slower you move it is nice to still have and actually along with a gentle touch on the sticks it would be enough for me if it worked for vertical movement. It is a major pain to get any vertical alignment done, and that includes using magnets, because they don't align precisely enough for me most of the time. Heck, even without that I might be OK with vertical movement if I could use the sticks instead of the shoulder buttons, just that would add a lot of precision (I could set up an angled surface to move the monitor against to move vertically more slowly, but that would also be a pain and I have yet to remember to try it while I'm forging). It would also be really helpful if movement speed, in any form, applied to monitors (besides the 0% setting), then the vertical bumps with the shoulder buttons would be smaller.

: I use the magnet system a lot more then I ever expected. Tough flawed, it has
: greatly increased map building. oth my new maps for Friday greatly
: benefited from it. Fine Tuning in Reach was mostly used for the same
: reason as magnets today. But now it's missed for map astectics reasons.

It's not just aesthetic reasons, as I noted above. Magnets don't cut it unless you're willing to try several times or move things around after they're captured or "attached" to get things to actually meet or overlap, let alone line up precisely.

: Not gonna happen. There are a LOT more developer tools used then you may
: realize.

What, I didn't say anything about the tools, I just want access to the objects they placed to help make maps.

: I can see that happening. 3D items tend to have a multiple texture layers.
: Including a layer for tileable textures wouldn't be difficult. Especially
: since those textures may already be in the game. A slider system with a
: compass wheel could make adjusting textures possible. This system would
: basically only cover the white areas of objects found in current Forge.
: Covering the entire object would be possible nor be practical.

What, why not?

: I like you feature suggestion. Certainly would help in blending objects together.

I guess it would, but I think it would be more valuable to use to make things stand out.

: That's never going to happen. To many complications could arise from it. The
: most obvious would be giant penis bases, etc. For some sick reason, gamers
: always feel the need to place penises in games.

People already do that (you even kind of said that), I don't see why they'd do it more if they could make bigger maps with more objects.
Also, on the thankful note again, I missed neutral flag being slipped into matchmaking; I read about it pretty recently when I was going through the bulletins and I wasn't sure it had been missing, and forgot about it again until today, when I thought about it and when I had looked at a bunch of maps in Forge and remembered they had neutral flag placements but the option to play with a neutral flag had been missing, which was one of the things a bunch of people including myself complained about. That was ramble-y... anyway, neutral flag, good, thanks, bye.

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