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My guesses
Posted By: Bachus <>Date: 10/16/00 12:50 p.m.

In Response To: Matt's Oni Update 10/13/00 (Matt)

> - A while back we had these plans to do some cool marketing tie-ins for
> Oni, the sort of things we donít normally do. There was one very cool
> project in the works, and a few days ago a couple of us wondered "Oh
> yeah, whatever happened to that Oni [censored] that [censored] was doing
> back before we got bought out? Is that still gonna happen?" Well, it
> is. :-) I for one am really looking forward to it, and I expect many of
> you will buy more than one. On a related note, it should be a relief to
> some of you that Take 2 is all over this sort of thing and definitely has
> a marketing plan for Oni.

Oni figures that McFarlane Toys was doing
Oni manga that Adam Warren was doing
Oni novel that Greg K. was doing
Oni movie that James Cameron was doing
Oni anime series that AIC was doing
Oni chocolate bar that Hershey's was doing
Oni Iron Demon 1/100 scale model kit that Bandai was doing
Oni "Too Hot for TV" tape that Jerry Springer was doing
Oni school supplies that 5 Star was doing (ooh, Oni pencil board!)
Oni vs Tomb Raider Rock-em/Sock-em game that Milton Bradley was doing
Oni official Blue 'n Orange furniture that Ikea was doing
Oni line of underwear that Victoria Secrets was doing
Oni rap video that Snoop Dog was doing
Oni video game that EA was doing (a video game tie-in for a video game. That'll be a first!)
Oni TV show that Gene Roddenberry was doing posthumously (Gene Roddenberry's Oni)
Oni UFO catcher dolls that Bandai was doing
Oni card game that Steve Jackson Games was doing
Oni theme park in Japan that Six Flags was doing

My money's on the action figures. Although a Konoko UFO catcher doll would be too damn cute for words.

> - You might hear a familiar voice or two in Oni. ;-)

Woohoo! They're Everywhere!


Bachus -

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