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Posted By: sarwatDate: 10/15/00 11:04 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Matt's Oni Update 10/13/00 (Forensic)

> But some serious commentary... While I enjoyed Deus Ex, it's feature of
> multiple paths to the same goal was sort of artificial. You could either
> shoot the guard, or you could take a locked grate that convieniently
> circumvented it.

You've got to play more. For example, you can save Paul. You can save Jock. There are real ways to change the story in Deus Ex; I didn't realize it at first.

Deus Ex was an awesome game, but I'm not playing it anymore for one reason: the size of the save game files. They're typically between 25 and 95 MB each, and the game is taking up 1.3 GB of hard disk space (including save games, which is about 500 MB, many games compressed). I don't want to throw out my saved game files! There's so much I can do with them (different choices to make). I've only got about 400 MB left on that drive.

So Matt, how big are the Oni saved game files? I seriously want to know, I've got to think about saving up for a new hard drive. I'm probably going to have to de-install DE before I play Oni, but it seems like I have several months now.

Additionally, in Deus Ex if you setup Denton differently, you get quite a different game. Did you know that the sniper rifle at master level can kill turrets and knock down doors? The difference between playing the game with guns ablaze or sneaking around is HUGE, there's quite a few areas of the game that I didn't know existed (like the sewers by the 'Ton). It takes about 3000 points to upgrade your pistol, but once you do, gun fights become much easier :)

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