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Re: Matt's Oni Update 10/13/00
Posted By: ForensicDate: 10/14/00 8:36 p.m.

In Response To: Matt's Oni Update 10/13/00 (Matt)

> - A while back we had these plans to do some cool marketing tie-ins for
> Oni, the sort of things we donít normally do. There was one very cool
> project in the works, and a few days ago a couple of us wondered "Oh
> yeah, whatever happened to that Oni [censored] that [censored] was doing
> back before we got bought out? Is that still gonna happen?" Well, it
> is. :-) I for one am really looking forward to it, and I expect many of
> you will buy more than one. On a related note, it should be a relief to
> some of you that Take 2 is all over this sort of thing and definitely has
> a marketing plan for Oni.

Santa Konoko costumes in time for Halloween? Yes please.

> - Chris Butcher said something that really impressed me: "Everyone
> agrees that our final level is really tough and immensely fun, but so far
> no two people have come up with the same strategy for finishing it."
> How many different ways of finishing are there? One must wonder.

Ooo. Put that in your multiplayer/replayability pipe and smoke it. We're holding you responsible for all your hype, Matt. :)

But some serious commentary... While I enjoyed Deus Ex, it's feature of multiple paths to the same goal was sort of artificial. You could either shoot the guard, or you could take a locked grate that convieniently circumvented it. It all seemed very pre-planned. But a free-form game that lets to choose from a spectrum of styles and paths? Now that would be quite a thing.

(For more psuedo-smart-sounding analysis of this type, visit the Old Man Murray game design discussion board. The only prerequisite for posting is that you MUST have played Half-Life. )

> - You might hear a familiar voice or two in Oni. ;-)

With all the architectural design, this might be the first game where "Frog blast the vent core" could make some kind of sense.

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