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Re: Richard, please read.
Date: 3/25/13 9:55 pm
In Response To: Richard, please read. (Kermit)

: I hope you read this. Sounds like you've had a rough time, and it's not over
: yet.

: First of all, about door-to-door sales--that's either the worst or best job
: in the world. I know this from experience. It can be done well and
: ethically, but most people fail at it, and for the most part that's
: because of a lack of adequate training and support (especially at the
: beginning, when almost everyone fails). Many fine men and women have not
: succeeded at sales jobs. There's no shame in that.

Thanks. Not ashamed. Just disappointed b/c I KNOW I'm good at it. And you're right. It doesn't work for everyone and training is a big part of it. But so is determination and confidence. Training isn't a issue on my end. I've get 4 of the best trainers in the country and I've been living with 2 of them for the last four months. Literally, our branch/store is the the leader for Aerus in the country and has been for years now simply because of the extraordinary training. Unlike other jobs I've had, they go far and above the call in helping. I'll wouldn't be talking typing this otherwise. ;)

: Second, although you don't enjoy the beneficence of Her Majesty, Americans
: rank first in the world in terms of giving time and money, and you live in
: the ninth most generous state in the country. There are many public and
: private organizations that can help you. Seraph has already mentioned
: churches, and that's a great idea. If you have been as diligent as you say
: regarding looking for jobs, you should be able to collect unemployment.
: You can apply here or call 1-877-841-9617.

Churches? Been there. Got help. More then I'm willing to admit over the years. Can't continue to expect others (regardless of how kindhearted they may be) to solve my problems for me. I'm 34, I should be a LOT further in life then what I am now.

: Regarding looking for jobs, you might try the Unemployment Career Center
: Office
: in Greenville.

3101 Bismarck Street
Greenville, NC 27834 

: Phone: 252.355.9067
Jobs Line: 800.768.5627
Fax: 252.355.9075

: Mon Fri 8:30 AM 5:00 PM

Already did. Twice every week. Days are different, but I get there even if i have to walk. And I usually do.

: Regarding housing, here are some resources: Greenville Community Shelters
207 Manhattan Avenue

: Greenville, NC 27834
emergency shelter, transitional housing, outreach

: Housing Authority Of The City Of Greenville
1103 Broad Street
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 329-4000

: Housing Authority, Low Income Affordable Housing, Public Housing

: Quality Housing Assistance Foundation
: 5559 Nc 43 S

: Greenville, NC 27858
Non Profit Organization that provides housing assistance

: Clearpoint Financial Solutions, Inc.
315 Clifton St., Suite G

: Greenville, NC 27858

: 877-877-1995

: Agency that provides HUD Approved Housing Assistance Programs 


: Greenville Housing Development Corporation
1103 Broad Street
Greenville, NC 27834

: 252-329-4000-9.
Agency that provides HUD Approved Housing Assistance Programs

I've already applied to a few of those. Applied with Quality Housing Assistance Foundation over a year ago and back in June 2012. Pretty much got the same response both times. Must have a job for more then 6 months and earn $1500 a month. Problem is most of my jobs (outside of Aerus) have all been temp work and cuts me out of any chance of reaching those goals. They have helped with a few bills, but no in getting a place.

There's a few in your list that I've not been informed of but did find on my own and applied for. Others I'll look into. Thanks TONS for looking that up for me and passing on the info. YOU ROCK!

: I want to tackle the biggest issue you raise in your post. The fact that you
: said you'll be dead in month, whether you're joking or not, I take as
: serious business. I'm making an assumption that you're fairly young and
: healthy and haven't received a terminal diagnosis, so with that out of the
: way, I'll say with a large amount of certainty that you'll be alive in a
: month, and your perspective will be different than it is today. I'll go
: further and say that you'll be alive ten years from now. You may have a
: family of your own, and you'll look back at this time and wonder at your
: courage, marvel at your resourcefulness, and perhaps even have some
: gratitude for what you learned from this experience and how it made you
: who you have become. (Not only that, but you'll have many fond memories of
: playing Halo and Destiny with us!)

Yeah. That was depression talking. And knowledge of what I've been through for the last 3 + years.
I know things will get better. It's only a matter of time. I've just gotta keep The Faith and keep working at it. It just gets soooo hard at times with one has family and friends around that don't believe in what you're doing. And you all are helping me a great deal in this thread.

: Ever hear of Viktor Frankl? He watched his family get slaughtered by Nazis,
: but while he was going through this, he imagined where he would be in the
: future, and, in the process, developed a school of psychotherapy based on
: his insights. He imagined himself teaching these insights. One of his
: biggest ideas is that we each have the freedom to choose how we respond to
: experience. Check out his book, Man's Search for Meaning , at the
: library. That book helped me get through a very rough time.

Will do and thanks.

: I hope that you will try to imagine your future self in a positive place, and
: that you'll begin writing the story of how you will get there. If you do
: find yourself in despair, though, call 252-758-4357 .

: Please promise me you will make this call if you find yourself without hope.
: You've been a valued member of the community and we want you back soon.
: Even if you don't get internet access right away, drop by the library, log
: on, and let us know how you're doing.

: You're in my prayers, Richard.

: Kermit

Thank You So Much, Kermit. Helps a great deal.
I recognize the number. I've given it to others before. I'm not in that place and don't plan to be.
The Good Lord didn't but me here to just give up on life.

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