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Goodbye All (Not Halo Related and postly a Rant)
Date: 3/23/13 6:43 pm

Well, back in Aug 2012 We were finally kicked out of our home of 11 years due to a rigged foreclosure. My mom, sis, and niece immediately moved to a few states away where they knew no one and nothing about and with no money. Really stupid move. There are more details that makes their decision incredibly stupid but I'll not get into it. Lets just say I was incredible worried for their lives the entire time. Thankfully it turned out a little better then I expected.

While they were gone, my father and I stayed in my bothers trailer til November. Sounds nice, but it wasn't. There was zero electricity, it was SUPER cold, no water outside of the toilet, no money for food, and it was among a hundred illegal aliens (Mexicans) that loved to pass through the property and play their terrible music way too loud E-V-E-R-Y N-I-G-H-T. The owner of the trailer park is so scared of them that she does nothing about their actions. Oh and the road has more/deeper potholes then the freaking moon. Not kidding.

In November, my dad "finally" leaves as well to be with the rest of my family. And I'm out on the streets. Living out of my dad's truck. That last until mid December. I'm allowed to stay a few nights at a co-worker's place here and there. Mid Dec. the owner of the New Bern branch (Aerus), named Chip, ask me to move in with him and my co-worker/trainer so I'm not on the streets. A HUGE blessing. The rules were that I clean since I can't pay rent and do my best to get my job with Aerus to work out. Easy enough. Right? Not for me. Cleaning is the easy part. Sadly my job at Aerus requires Referrals to which I had none. So off Canvassing I go.

Canvassing can be fun or terrible. It's really a toss up. Well, I apparently stink at it. I got one great canvass gig and it was working out. Sadly, the woman toned my trainer and I out the 4 times we told her the rules on how to get a free Air Purifier. Which were:

1) We must see at least 6 Qualified referrals that she provides.
2) She must call each up first and get the okay for me to contact them and set up the Free Air test for them.
3)They Must be 25 or older
4)They Must own their home or have a mortgage.
5)They Must have a job or be comfortably retired. If married, this applies to them both.
6)If married, then both must be present when we do the Free Air test. This is for Moral Reasons and to make sure, both residents understand any dangers that may be in their air.
7)And we must see all 6 within 2 weeks (14 days).

Very simple and easy guidelines. Why are they required?
1)We're giving away $800 worth of high quality equipment. Not that crap from Target or Wal-mart.
2)If their air is bad, then we'll be there 30min or more cleaning their air for free
3)It doesn't look good if there are strangers/guys in a home with a woman and the husband's not home. Same if vise versa.
4)If we have to clean the air (usually do) then we'll explain to them importance of clean air and what they can do to keep it clean if they wish. If they can't afford it (which most can) then it Hugely sucks for everyone. It'd, be like telling someone they have cancer but they can't afford the kimo and must continue to suffer in pain knowing there's a cure.

Anywho, this one woman sent us to her son who rents and can't afford it. Thus he didn't qualify and we need her to send us to only ONE MORE person that does. Even tough we explained the rules to her and her husband 4 times (7 times in the end), she accused me of screwing her over and had the other referrals canceled. She was ONE AWAY from a FREE $800 machine that would improve her life. We even gave her a full year to give us that one person. But no. She had to throw a B#&$^ flip and cancel the others. We were nothing but nice to her. In the end, she cost me the referrals and end the end cost me my job. Not because I did anything wrong, but because I couldn't get anymore referrals and was just costing the company more money then I was bringing in...which I was bringing in ZERO.

Well, I've been staying at Chip's place for 4 months now and I've gone nowhere in life. I've tried SUPER hard to get referrals and I've tried even harder to get a new job. I've filed out, on average, 3 applications a day with NO Success. I just don't understand it. I'm super nice, I dress well, I don't smell, I have a great work history, and I do my dangist to please everyone at my own expense. To make matters even worse, my dad's truck flat out quit on my a few days after moving in with Chip. I had nearly $600 saved up and all but $25-30 of it went into fixing the blasted truck that STILL WILL NOT START TO THIS DAY.

I've been told earlier this week that I have to be out of here (Chip's) by the end of the month. Why? Simple. I've made no progress at all in the last 4 months and I'm costing him too much money staying here. He's bought everything I need outside of parts for the truck. He actually did help me get a new starter in December so that's not technically true I suppose. I've not been hungry, nor thirsty, nor dirty, nor bored while here. He's the reason I have Xbox Live and have been able to hang with you guys/gals every week in Halo. There's electricity, water, cable, and internet here to which he has paid for. He's even given me the only bedroom with a locking door and my own bathroom to use. I've been INCREDIBLY BLESSED through him. But I'm no fool. I knew from day one it wouldn't last and that I needed a job and my own place. And I've worked sooooo hard on making it possible to no success. It's why you see me designing shirts for Threadless again. I N-E-E-D M-O-N-E-Y. I wish I didn't, but sadly, it's a requirement for survival.

Don't expect me to be online again after tonight. And none after March 29th. I'll be living on the streets again. And probably dead a month later if I don't get a job FAST. It's been fun knowing you all and hanging out online. Thank you for all your support in my art and Halo Forge creations.

God Bless, and I Love You All,
Richard T. White Jr. (aka: SEspider)

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