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Re: A counter-point appears!
Date: 11/11/14 1:22 pm
In Response To: Re: A counter-point appears! (Revenant1988)

: Goddamn it Av get out of my posts! :P

: Absolutely true- had Snipe or Korny said something more along the lines of
: (just spit balling here)

: "You retards are the biggest retards to ever tard a re, retards"
: then by all means, drop on 'em.

: . Also, dismissing

: I can see why you'd mention that, and noted. I simply want this to stop
: before I have to start caring about peoples feelings every time I open my
: mouth type something up. I thought this was America! the internet*!

: Telling Korny anything, period, is done so at great risk.

: TL;DR: Volume. It's about volume. Snipe and Korny aren't spouting off
: offensive words (whale.....that might be relative) all the time, every
: time. I don't want this to blow up beyond what has. Buttons have been
: pushed, now it may stop.

: Fuck. Why did I post in this. I know better and I did it anyway. Whatever.

: I'll just have to start replying that people that get offended, offend me,
: and I find that offensive!

: *It is the internet, but it's Wu's corner of the internet. It is not a
: democracy, and therefore he is king, so what he says is acceptable here is
: gospel. I just see political correctness creeping in, and that's fun for
: no one.

I think this all led to a pretty good discussion on the use of words and how they impact others! I'm glad you posted.

Oh, and responding to Korny isn't a great risk. I just expect just about anything he says to be trolling, and it's funny to either move past it and talk about it seriously, or reply back in a totally beyond obvious and sarcastic way (because it's fun, or at least it is to me lol). :D

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                                               Oh god, it's spreading here. *NM*The Loot11/11/14 3:26 am
                                                     Oh dear, not saying rude thingsGrizzlei11/11/14 3:28 am
                                                           That's life. Deal with it. *NM*The Loot11/11/14 3:33 am
                                                                 Life changes.Grizzlei11/11/14 3:44 am
                                                                       Re: Life changes.Quirel11/11/14 4:53 am
                                                                             Can we just tone back the "PC" direction?Revenant198811/11/14 8:35 am
                                                                                   A counter-point appears!Avateur11/11/14 12:24 pm
                                                                                         Re: A counter-point appears!Revenant198811/11/14 1:18 pm
                                                                                               Re: A counter-point appears!Avateur11/11/14 1:22 pm
                                                                                                     Re: A counter-point appears!Revenant198811/11/14 1:40 pm
     Why all the hate?Rice11/11/14 4:02 pm
           Re: Why all the hate?Quirel11/11/14 4:21 pm
                 Re: Why all the hate?Rice11/11/14 5:02 pm
                       Re: Why all the hate?Postmortem11/11/14 6:09 pm
                       Re: Why all the hate?Quirel11/12/14 2:57 am
                 ^ This *NM*Postmortem11/11/14 6:08 pm

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