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Re: A counter-point appears!
Date: 11/11/14 1:18 pm
In Response To: A counter-point appears! (Avateur)

Goddamn it Av get out of my posts! :P

: At the same time, silence is consent, and every and now then it's nice to
: speak up against it. While I personally feel that Korny didn't step over a
: line at this point, what Grizzlei is saying isn't false

Absolutely true- had Snipe or Korny said something more along the lines of (just spit balling here)

"You retards are the biggest retards to ever tard a re, retards" then by all means, drop on 'em.

. Also, dismissing
: Grizzlei's thoughts on the matter and basically asking that to stop is
: hilariously hypocritical.

I can see why you'd mention that, and noted. I simply want this to stop before I have to start caring about peoples feelings every time I open my mouth type something up. I thought this was America! the internet*!

:It's not okay to tell Korny to stop, but it's cool to tell others to stop with the PC or whatever. C'mon now.

Telling Korny anything, period, is done so at great risk.


Volume. It's about volume. Snipe and Korny aren't spouting off offensive words (whale.....that might be relative) all the time, every time. I don't want this to blow up beyond what has. Buttons have been pushed, now it may stop.

Fuck. Why did I post in this. I know better and I did it anyway. Whatever.

I'll just have to start replying that people that get offended, offend me, and I find that offensive!

*It is the internet, but it's Wu's corner of the internet. It is not a democracy, and therefore he is king, so what he says is acceptable here is gospel. I just see political correctness creeping in, and that's fun for no one.

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                                                     Oh dear, not saying rude thingsGrizzlei11/11/14 3:28 am
                                                           That's life. Deal with it. *NM*The Loot11/11/14 3:33 am
                                                                 Life changes.Grizzlei11/11/14 3:44 am
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                                                                             Can we just tone back the "PC" direction?Revenant198811/11/14 8:35 am
                                                                                   A counter-point appears!Avateur11/11/14 12:24 pm
                                                                                         Re: A counter-point appears!Revenant198811/11/14 1:18 pm
                                                                                               Re: A counter-point appears!Avateur11/11/14 1:22 pm
                                                                                                     Re: A counter-point appears!Revenant198811/11/14 1:40 pm
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                       Re: Why all the hate?Quirel11/12/14 2:57 am
                 ^ This *NM*Postmortem11/11/14 6:08 pm

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