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Re: Kinda disappointing *SP*
Date: 7/23/14 11:55 pm
In Response To: Kinda disappointing *SP* (Grizzlei)

: This issue in particular highlighted just how unsuitable this art style is
: for storytelling.

: Like the rest, of course, this story feels rushed and it has no real business
: doing so. Blue Team is such an integral component of the Halo universe
: that fans absolutely adore and crave more for. Putting that aside, newer
: fans who have no idea who Fred, Kelly, and Linda are would probably be
: totally dumbfounded as to why the Master Chief, who was drifting in space
: for four years, wouldn't have been welcomed to warmer sight by his best
: friends. This is a guy the three of them have known and loved as a brother
: and a leader since they were six. Not one smile on their face. Not one
: affectionate comment to their long lost friend. Spartans are so much more
: than the emotionless, walking tanks people expect them to be and this
: reunion really let me down.

I'd like to note that hiding emotion (or displaying it in subtle ways) is still probably a given for SIIs. But. Yeah. These story elements have been handled in a disappointing way.

: Really, this story and all others in Escalation would be so much better in a
: short story anthology. The comic medium for Halo seems to rarely provide
: us with an intriguing and engaging tale, and Escalation is shaping up to
: be no exception. There are few instances where the visuals shown provide
: any worthwhile effect on the story for me. Honestly, this series is making
: me think that comics are a very poor way to tell a story.

Comics in the mainline-superhero typeset, yeah (often). I want a graphic novel written by Greg Bear or ERIC NYLUND and illustrated by....someone really good at illustrating.

I'm still super-jazzed to see these developments!

Although Nightfall is looking much more jazzy. Jazz!

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