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Re: Escalation #8 out now *SP*
Date: 7/23/14 3:35 pm
In Response To: Escalation #8 out now (Vincent)

: Available from dark horse online here:

I might be the only one here who thinks this, but I get a slightly bad feeling seeing the ol' Blue team in Halo 4 armor. I won't get too much into Halo 4's design, because I think we might've had enough of that, but at least I was okay with the SPARTAN IVs wearing armor that extends - in some areas - to about twice the width of the body, making an unnecessarily bigger mark of yourself and increased clumsiness. It was okay, but I never liked seeing the Chief with big ass shoulder pads that killed his "agility" and smoothness, I mean, the Mark VI had a sleek silhouette that covered his body proportionally.

I liked Nylund's SPARTANs, they had agility and flare, not clunkiness and wise ass talk. They wouldn't let themselves be seen, always killing the lights and hiding in the shade. Used speed to stay ahead of the game and their surprising force to kill off the victims. They used hand signals, covered every corner with extreme care.

And then they killed black team, this continued tradition of killing off SPARTAN II's as much as possible, but hey, at least they wore MARK VI... :( But they died to damn Prometheans! (I think, Chief only said "not Crawlers")

Then we get back to this comic book style story telling with returning-from-the-dead characters, with incredibly cliched villains and plots. Saving Earth was way cooler in 2004. Didact returns sitting in his thrown with his minions at hand, speaking straight up villainy as he welcomes us to his world; "ooooo" I'm terrified. I once imagined the Forerunner as such an advanced species, even sitting down would be waste of time. Now I understand that this Didact was mentally corrupted by the Primordial and tormented by exile for a 100,000 years, but I expected more from this Forerunner, and from 343.

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