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Re: DogTag Origins Comic
Date: 4/23/14 3:51 pm
In Response To: Re: DogTag Origins Comic (DEEP NNN)

: Your story seems to reveal your distrust for government. I.E. Inoculation
: data being misused, staged Covie attacks.

: I do not like the quasi Spartan II status you have assigned her. She is not a
: S II and never could be.

: I do not like the staged Covenant attack story arc you suggested.

: I do not like how you inject her into the S IV training program with some
: intent that she is going to discipline the recruits into being better
: Spartans.

: The fights with Sarah Palmer are telling for me. You seem to be in the Palmer
: hater group. So much so, you want to make a new story where your girl
: comes in, beats up on Palmer and with, I suspect, an intent for her to
: become the new leader, turn all of the S IV's into S II's leaving the
: world a better place and then Halo 5 or 6 will be saved.

: I put aside all of the grammatical stuff and tried to see if your story had
: merit. To me, it does not.

The Inoculation data bit was not my idea actually, it was actually referred to in the novels, I don't hate government or anything like that I'm just applying the "Espionage" that ONI is known for, I mean look at the Kilo Five Trilogy.

I don't understand the spartan II status, she isn't a spartan II and there isn't anywhere that suggests that other then her realizing she is a spartan and she chooses to wear standard MJOLNIR mark V armor when she realizes she should start being a spartan.

Again I wouldn't put it past ONI that they would do this, the Kilo Five Novels show that the UNSC has a large supply of covenant arsenal and they created Spartan IIs originally to crush human rebellion, heck they nuked the insurrectionists (even though the innies did as well.)
Its not far fetch'd they'd use an insurance policy type of tactic to keep previously insurrectionist supporting colonies intact. Using Spartans as a symbol of protection just further enforces their plan. I'm not saying it is right but it is a plan that keeps human vs human casualties low when they need all the help they can get in resources and man power.

Well that is technically why they were offered into the IV program to bring in some of the spartan idealism (even if its III program style.) into the training. They want to create spartans with spartan training not super soldiers with standard marine and ODST training. What better then individuals who are what you want the new generation to be. (Hoya kinda proves the point of the gungho mentality will get them killed, while Thorne is the better example.)

I dislike Palmer mostly by how they wrote her in the games, she seems to be lazy writing with constantly bashing scientists constantly, She is an excellent spartan if the stories of Draetheus V are true. But her general Jarhead mentality doesn't work for the Spartan IV program if they want to recreate the II program in some way. The clashing ideals are fated to happen. I don't imply that Melissa shows Palmer what for. Just that they dislike each other on their methods. Later on they learn to respect each other's opinions and Palmer likes Melissa's stubbornness as well.

In the end their conflict are for the same goal, to protect their friends and fellow spartans.

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