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Re: Now that I have read....
Posted By: Narcogen <>Date: 10/27/00 6:30 p.m.

In Response To: Now that I have read.... (steve)

> Nij's post is fine. No problems there...then the response, in my opinion,
> was fine as well, no problems again. But the part of the Narc's response
> that I think everyone overlooked, (again just in my opinion), was this:

> --------------------------
> It has become a common courtesy in so-called "web journalism" to
> extend these kinds of credits, as part of a larger "us vs. them"
> mentality vis-a-vis the printed press. Webmaster and newsies saw
> themselves as being "in this together" and they all wanted more
> traffic for their sites, so they'd trade links and citations.

> It's past that stage now.

> We still do so at, but not because we're required to, but
> because it's common practice, and as a fansite, we feel good will is more
> important than scoops.
> ---------------------------

> WOW!!!
> The part that he said , and I rip out of context if you may:

> "us vs. them" mentality vis-a-vis the printed press

> The community can NEVER allow that to happen, to become like them would be
> a true shame. (and I should know!)

> The "us vrs them" is what well tear things apart guys! No doubt
> about that. I mean I started , (or at least I still think I did), started
> Oni Central back in 1998 along with Bungie Org. We quickly turned into a
> very small but popular site.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm afraid you've misread my post-- or rather, my post was unclear in the first place.

The point here was that most early Webmasters saw themselves as being at the forefront of a new media vanguard that would shatter the corporate dominance of radio, television and newspapers.

And where those outlets were fiercely competetive with each other and protective of their intellectual property, the advantage of the web was that anyone could publish, and everyone enriched their own sites by liberal use of links to other sites. Mentioning and linking to other sites in similar areas of interest was commonplace and considered a good thing.

The "us" in this case was the webmaster group and the "them" were the old media guys-- newspaper editors.

It wasn't at all intended to indicate inter-site rivalry.

However, it is simply a fact of life that web journalism as a market has now matured to the point where this friendly camaraderie has been replaced with something that, should it develop properly, could be seen as a kind of enlightened self-interest.

Add to that the fact that now a lot of the biggest web media outlets are now owned by old media giants, and you realize there isn't any monolithic "us" and "them" anymore.

This leads to a return to the old dynamic-- the competition of web sites vying with each other for eyeballs in the same space.


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