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Re: Now that I have read....
Posted By: Maestro <>Date: 10/26/00 10:21 p.m.

In Response To: Now that I have read.... (steve)

> But the part of the Narc's response
> that I think everyone overlooked, (again just in my opinion), was this:

> --------------------------
> It has become a common courtesy in so-called "web journalism" to
> extend these kinds of credits, as part of a larger "us vs. them"
> mentality vis-a-vis the printed press. Webmaster and newsies saw
> themselves as being "in this together" and they all wanted more
> traffic for their sites, so they'd trade links and citations.

You and Narc are right,

I always thought of fansites as portals to the community. Somthing to help is somthing the community uses, and the creators should be lucky that people use it! Don't get all hung up on credits. Mabye the reporters aren't as nice as they should be, but it's promoting Oni/Bungie thins. Isn't that why you set out in the first place? :)

Mabye i should get my act together and work on my own site.

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