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Now that I have read....
Posted By: steve <>Date: 10/26/00 8:39 p.m.

This is the very first time I have ever spoke out in, don't read this unless you have the time.

Okay, just my two cents on all this since I now have the "whole" story, (thanks for the link Claude), but this really brings up a GREAT point.

It's so hard not to get very "possesive" of that which you work so hard on. Heck, I once knew how that felt. I contested that point day after day, and all the time trying to figure out if I had woke up on the other side of the planet or if I had just to much to drink the night before. ( and I don't drink)

Nij's post is fine. No problems there...then the response, in my opinion, was fine as well, no problems again. But the part of the Narc's response that I think everyone overlooked, (again just in my opinion), was this:

It has become a common courtesy in so-called "web journalism" to extend these kinds of credits, as part of a larger "us vs. them" mentality vis-a-vis the printed press. Webmaster and newsies saw themselves as being "in this together" and they all wanted more traffic for their sites, so they'd trade links and citations.

It's past that stage now.

We still do so at, but not because we're required to, but because it's common practice, and as a fansite, we feel good will is more important than scoops.

The part that he said , and I rip out of context if you may:

"us vs. them" mentality vis-a-vis the printed press

The community can NEVER allow that to happen, to become like them would be a true shame. (and I should know!)

The "us vrs them" is what well tear things apart guys! No doubt about that. I mean I started , (or at least I still think I did), started Oni Central back in 1998 along with Bungie Org. We quickly turned into a very small but popular site.

I mean heck, I had Bungie West feeding me stuff all the time. Alex Okita made the very first graphics that were on this website. I had screens that no one else ever got and Brent Pease was kind enough to allow the whole Harry to Bungie West trip. So, if there was ever anyone that got the "big head" real fast then it was me.

by the way..didn't Konoko look cool back then..I mean..the "elf look" wasn't in. (sorry , just my opinion)

AND I became that which Narc hints about.

I fought , gosh what was his name? Wow, anyway, the guy over at Onicore, I fought him tooth and nail. AND the sad part was I drug Harry right in the middle of it. It really wasn't needed because Oni Central was going to be just fine and those that had eyes to see was watching what the handfull of us were doing for Bungie.

If Narc's above statement about community was really true across the community, then I don't think all of the "hit's and misses" at the true subject of this thread would have gone on. It's not WRONG to want to be proud and be a defendant of your work, whatever that work may be. AND it's not wrong to be upset when those that aren't like the rest don't play "fair", but it is wrong when the "fan sites" dont' play fair.


For it's you guys that keep the real meaning of these games moving along. It's not the big commercial sites that do any of that. I mean when was the last time any of us were able to pick from an array of Halo desktops at GamesDomain or whatever the site name may be. AND how many times have we seen Oni shots here before Gamespot had them??

But to not be "honest" all the time, (and I am talking about where and who news, items comes from), is WRONG. (when it comes to the community fan sites)

It's not a myth that I left Bungie Org partly because of this very thing.
(This very thing in a weird sort of way)

Now, NO ONE did anything to me, I decided I would make a stand for something that I shared with no one except Gary Simmons and although I know this isn't the shared sentiment, I turned Bungie Org over to Claude and left.

Now there are those that say it never was mine to begin with, be whatever it may, who started, registered , not the point. The point I am trying to make is that I was guilty of this VERY THING. And when I saw it starting to really mount up, I found myself tyring to decide on whether or not I was really doing it for the "community" or "me".

You can guess which one was the case.

The younger ones of this community will be the ones that will have to keep whatever idealogy they decide on moving ahead. I would hope they choose that which Narc was so delicantly trying to say. I know that I am going to put myself to the test, I am coming back. The time that I come back online will be determined by another source, but , the Bungie community in my opinion is small right now and there is so much more that can be done.

NOT TO COMPETE, but to offer! For myself I am going to make a stab at it again only to make sure that I can do it the right way. By that time maybe all of the Borg machines will be served from Conn, 33's well be ironed out and we might have new game titles on the horizon or maybe the FBI will be after us , right Nathan??

enough of this rambling.....the last point..

I always used to say..."We didnt start Bungie Org for ourselves or for Bungie, but for the fans of their games"
(noticed I used the word "we").

I would hope that all the fan sites continue to present their site for the fans. Looks like it's got a great start and it looks like more will be coming soon.

good luck!

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