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Re: Some Q's for Matt
Posted By: Harry <>Date: 8/2/00 9:14 a.m.

In Response To: Some Q's for Matt (MakeMineRed)

> No news about physics modelling in the OniWorld either (ie, is it as detailed as in Myth and Marathon?)

It's pretty known that doing your own mods, physics etc. in Oni aren't the easiest, but Bungie West may release file format tools.

> We know that there will be 17 levels in the game, but we've only seen one in all the previews (possibly two,
> since the multiplayer arena previously demoed looks different from the cityscape). How much variation will
> there be (ie, city, country, water, snow, etc.)?

I think I remember reading somewhere that there are 20 environments.

> We also don't know what types of missions Konoko will have to undergo. Any hints?

Read my interviews with Bungie West members Chris Porter and Hardy LeBel, they may shed light on this question.


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