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Some Q's for Matt
Posted By: MakeMineRed <>Date: 8/2/00 7:56 a.m.

Matt, I posted some questions a few weeks ago. I know you're busy, and I also realize that you may have no official answers to give, but could you take a look again? Thanks.

Now that Oni appears to be on schedule for a late October release, the final feature list may have been pinned down. We know about the lack of m-player, but there have been other questions about game features that have received a lot of speculation but nothing concrete. For instance, consensus seems to be firming that any piloting of vehicles will be cutscene-only. Also, one magazine reported that IK had been inserted into the game engine, but nothing further was heard. No news about physics modelling in the OniWorld either (ie, is it as detailed as in Myth and Marathon?) We know that there will be 17 levels in the game, but we've only seen one in all the previews (possibly two, since the multiplayer arena previously demoed looks different from the cityscape). How much variation will there be (ie, city, country, water, snow, etc.)? We also don't know what types of missions Konoko will have to undergo. Any hints? There was also a hint of Bungie-style extras in the game (remember the discovery of graffiti on a wall in the '99 E3 movie?); will Hamish be satisfied with the Oni story?

Matt (or anyone else in the know)? Can you shed any light on any of these?


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