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Re: Some Q's for Matt
Posted By: Matt <>Date: 8/2/00 2:25 p.m.

In Response To: Some Q's for Matt (MakeMineRed)

> For instance,
> consensus seems to be firming that any piloting of vehicles will be
> cutscene-only.

This is correct.

>Also, one magazine reported that IK had been inserted into
> the game engine, but nothing further was heard.

We wanted IK because it would allow us to do some cool stuff (disarming moves, etc.). Getting it to work properly was an issue, and eventually we figured out other ways of doing the things we wanted to do.

To summarize: IK is no longer in the Oni engine but that's okay because it was a means to ends that have since been acheived via alternate means.

>No news about physics
> modelling in the OniWorld either (ie, is it as detailed as in Myth and
> Marathon?)

I bet Chris Butcher could answer this better than I could right now.

> We know that there will be 17 levels in the game, but we've
> only seen one in all the previews (possibly two, since the multiplayer
> arena previously demoed looks different from the cityscape). How much
> variation will there be (ie, city, country, water, snow, etc.)?

It's all going to be pretty futuristic techno-urban; you won't visit the Scottish highlands or the sewage pits of Calcutta.

>We also
> don't know what types of missions Konoko will have to undergo. Any hints?

She's a cop, so at the beginning most of what she does is hunt down information and/or people. Eventually she learns some things that change her goals.

> There was also a hint of Bungie-style extras in the game (remember the
> discovery of graffiti on a wall in the '99 E3 movie?); will Hamish be
> satisfied with the Oni story?

Our intent with Oni was to make a game with an authentic anime feel: one that inspired the same emotions you have when you're reading a great comic or watching a great anime film. To that end, Oni's story is a journey of dark discovery, with a bit more emphasis on character and emotion than has previously appeared in a Bungie game.


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