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Outside spaces
Posted By: chefDate: 7/8/02 7:41 p.m.

In Response To: Re: That's what I thought too! (Backbreaker)

When we were designing the Airport level the player originally stayed inside the terminal and all the planes were outside the glass. After running through it once or twice it occured to me that actually having a fight in and around the parked planes would be way more fun than just looking at them through glass, but we needed to visually terminate the level so that players couldn't go too far away from the main path - hence the fence. The hangar came about due to a similar situation: if fighting under the planes was cool then running around on a plane would be even better!

In Truth and Consequences there was almost no way to prevent the player from getting outside the building, so we had to add the invisible collision in the streets. You're not supposed to do too much running around out there so there are all the snipers and SWATs placed in case you do.

Since we were so strapped for time our philosophy was that making the levels "feel good" and be fun to play took precedence over realism and believability.

: I have to say something to that; In the level called "Truth and
: Consequences" where you look for clues to your past in the records
: building, you can actually escape the confines of the building and run
: around the streets, but get so far and you will hit an invisible barrier
: that will prevent you from venturing too far...frustratingly so at times,
: i.e. I had a SWAT trooper in the "forbidden" zone shooting me
: with a plasma rifle and I couldn't get anywhere near...
: The point I'm trying to make is that you don't need a "physical"
: barrier to keep you in, so as to complete the desired effect...

: The door in the hangar looks like a door from inside and outside, its texture
: just looks very flat. In fact you can see three hinges going from left to
: right as you look at the door, so it appears that the door is just one
: very large "garage door" that concertinas into the ceiling...As
: it was supposedly designed for the plane, I didn't thing that the
: designers wanted it to open for just one person!

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