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Re: I'M DONE!!
Date: 9/22/13 3:38 am
In Response To: Re: I'M DONE!! (Avateur)

: Um, do you go in with people you know? Granted I think the gametype is a joke
: regardless, but if you're going in by yourself, well, it sort of serves
: you right. :P

I love the game-type. It's the team ups that suck. Players with terrible MM skills are always placed on my team. Sadly, no one that I know is ever one when I am. At least not in Halo. Halo's MP has become one big joke after another.

: Wait what? Now you have a problem with guns in the gametype? Right...
I explain this in another post.

: I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! :D Don't play the gametype anymore if you don't
: like it. I mean really?The thing that's making you officially be done with
: H4 matchmaking is this gametype? Ricochet? This is the one that made you
: stop playing? A joke of a gametype that's hardly meant to be taken
: seriously (even if Snipe wants to pretend it's "competitive"
: when it's really just there for champs to K/D pad :P) is the thing that
: makes you quit H4? Nothing prior to the gametype? Right...

Not at all. it's just the straw that broke my camel's back. Personal Ordnance Drops, Custom Power-ups, terrible weapon balancing and more has been eating at me since the game was released. JetPacks, Promethean Vision, and instant Camo do nothing but break maps. I love Sprint and Turrets over-heating but that's pretty much it. Oh and the Campaign storys are the best, even though the gameplay suffers at times.

: No comment. Don't want to talk about Grifball or comparisons to it and I
: doubt these suggestions would even benefit Ricochet.

: What in the hell? I assume you're making a joke or just being totally
: ridiculous to make a point. Right? I mean, you have to be. You can't
: seriously be suggesting something this inane, right?

It's only insane or a joke if you don't care about players actually playing the objective. If players want to simply kill each other, then they can just go play Slayer, Rumble Pit, Regicide, or Swat. As I've stated in another reply, it's called King Of The Hill for a reason.

: Yeah you're serious, aren't you? Welp, new suggestion: Just sell the game.

Morpheus gave a great point on that one. I retract that suggestion because of it.

: Yeah, that works for Invasion, not for what you're suggesting.

Why not?

: They already fixed them with weapon tuning. HAHAHAHAHA sorry couldn't help
: it.

Okay, you're clearly kidding here.

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