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Re: I'M DONE!!
Date: 9/20/13 2:03 pm
In Response To: I'M DONE!! (SEspider)

: For the last few days I've tried hard to enjoy the new Ricochet game. The
: rules are very simple. Defend your goal while your team attempts to score
: on the opponents' goal. But can anyone I'm teamed with do this? NO!
: Instead the ENTIRE TEAM always rushes for the ball. If its the start of
: the game then its understandable. But not when its clear on the other side
: of the bleeding map! I'm so sick of always having to play goaly by default
: because of idiot players. It's Grifball all over again. Only with guns
: instead of hammers and swords.

Um, do you go in with people you know? Granted I think the gametype is a joke regardless, but if you're going in by yourself, well, it sort of serves you right. :P

: That's the other thing. Why are there guns in Ricochet? All it does is
: encourage players to go out on their own and kill. And completely ignore
: the goal of the game or camp. Plasma Pistols should be all anyone gets to
: fight with. No swords or hammers because they have no range, encourage
: camping, & are instant kills long range weapons (including the magnum)
: and o e shot kill weapons have no place in ball based games. Grenades sure
: but none o. the maps unless its rare.

Wait what? Now you have a problem with guns in the gametype? Right...

I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! :D Don't play the gametype anymore if you don't like it. I mean really?The thing that's making you officially be done with H4 matchmaking is this gametype? Ricochet? This is the one that made you stop playing? A joke of a gametype that's hardly meant to be taken seriously (even if Snipe wants to pretend it's "competitive" when it's really just there for champs to K/D pad :P) is the thing that makes you quit H4? Nothing prior to the gametype? Right...

: Grifball & Ricochet
: One of the great things about Grifball is that you can kill from across the
: map. Granted the courts sre wide open & w/o levels. But those are no
: reasons to include guns in Ricochet. And why hasn't 343 addressed the
: camping issue that was raised in Grifball when they made Ricochet? Enemy
: Team Camping (ETC) complete ruin the game considering the fact that the
: teams ALWAYS spawn near the goal. Just how difficult is it to create a 'No
: Camping' zone/hill? A hill or zone that allows the Forger to set settings
: that do the following: -Team Selection
: -Respawn Timer: 0 to 10 seconds (respawns players after set time within the
: zone.
: -Weapons: Yes/ No (Despaws weapons once player enters the zone/hill. This
: will also help with machinima)
: -Weapon Select (If weapo s are allowed in settings this determines their
: weapons.

No comment. Don't want to talk about Grifball or comparisons to it and I doubt these suggestions would even benefit Ricochet.

: The hill/zone should also work on all gametypes as well.
: If we could set teleports to only effect certain teams and not those carrying
: the ball then we could fix this now. But sadly, even though teleporters
: have team selection, they don't work that way. We can use trait zo es to
: slow down teams but not teleport them to keep them in the game
: effectively.

: You should o ly be able to kill or be killed if you are within the hill.

What in the hell? I assume you're making a joke or just being totally ridiculous to make a point. Right? I mean, you have to be. You can't seriously be suggesting something this inane, right?

: Oddball & CTF
: Only allow players to die if they are within a certain ratios of the
: ball/flag. Doing so will force players to focus on the ball instead of
: randomly killing to improve their k/d.

Yeah you're serious, aren't you? Welp, new suggestion:

Just sell the game.

: Respawning
: Allow players to choose where to respawn if they wish like we do in Halo
: Reach's Invasion gametype.
: Instead of using zones like in Invasion, allow players to choose (cycle
: through) between team spawns or buddy spawn. Doing so would greatly cut
: down on spawn killing and also provide players backup if they need it.

Yeah, that works for Invasion, not for what you're suggesting.

: Oh yeah. Also fix the bloody DRM, BR, & Magnum!! And while you're at it,
: briny back Bloom!
: They should not kill players from across maps!!
: Later

They already fixed them with weapon tuning. HAHAHAHAHA sorry couldn't help it.

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