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Re: I'M DONE!!
Date: 9/20/13 1:27 pm
In Response To: I'M DONE!! (SEspider)

I saw this post earlier and intended to respond, but I ended up getting busy.
Look, I understand your frustration--there are times in Multi-Team when I get a teammate who's AFK, a teammate who's BETTER OFF AFK, or no one at all, and not a single person joins the entire playlist for the duration of the game. But killing in objectives can--when used correctly--be vital.

: For the last few days I've tried hard to enjoy the new Ricochet game. The
: rules are very simple. Defend your goal while your team attempts to score
: on the opponents' goal. But can anyone I'm teamed with do this? NO!
: Instead the ENTIRE TEAM always rushes for the ball. If it's the start of
: the game then it's understandable. But not when it's clear on the other side
: of the bleeding map! I'm so sick of always having to play goalie by default
: because of idiot players. It's Grifball all over again. Only with guns
: instead of hammers and swords.

Correct. This is indeed Grifball, so people attack this with a Grifball mindset. Have you ever seen someone(other than me of course) use tactical planning and not just giving them the ball?

: That's the other thing. Why are there guns in Ricochet? All it does is
: encourage players to go out on their own and kill. And completely ignore
: the goal of the game or camp. Plasma Pistols should be all anyone gets to
: fight with. No swords or hammers because they have no range, encourage
: camping, & are instant kills long range weapons (including the magnum)
: and o e shot kill weapons have no place in ball based games. Grenades sure
: but none o. the maps unless its rare.

If all the guns were removed, it'd just be Grifball. Ricochet is just a combination of Grifball and Oddball.

: Grifball & Ricochet
: One of the great things about Grifball is that you can kill from across the
: map. Granted the courts are wide open & w/o levels. But those are no
: reasons to include guns in Ricochet. And why hasn't 343 addressed the
: camping issue that was raised in Grifball when they made Ricochet? Enemy
: Team Camping (ETC) complete ruin the game considering the fact that the
: teams ALWAYS spawn near the goal. Just how difficult is it to create a 'No
: Camping' zone/hill? A hill or zone that allows the Forger to set settings
: that do the following: -Team Selection
: -Respawn Timer: 0 to 10 seconds (respawns players after set time within the
: zone.
: -Weapons: Yes/ No (Despaws weapons once player enters the zone/hill. This
: will also help with machinima)
: -Weapon Select (If weapo s are allowed in settings this determines their
: weapons.

I most certainly can't kill across the map. Hell, none of my hammers work NEXT to people.
Plus, camping is in Grifball, too. Guess where they spawn? The solution to end camping is very simple--just kill the camper. They have an obvious pattern, which you can use to your advantage.

: The hill/zone should also work on all gametypes as well.
: If we could set teleports to only effect certain teams and not those carrying
: the ball then we could fix this now. But sadly, even though teleporters
: have team selection, they don't work that way. We can use trait zones to
: slow down teams but not teleport them to keep them in the game
: effectively.

That makes NO sense. Are you telling me that ball carriers would be able to teleport one place, and the opponent chasing him ends up SOMEWHERE ELSE?!?

: You should only be able to kill or be killed if you are within the hill.

You do that, and you get this.

But seriously, I can already see a game on Solace with two people right outside the hill going "I DARE you, motherfucker."
"If we were both in this hill, I'd kill you so fuckin' bad..."
"Nuh-uh, bitch. Step inside this hill and say that."
"YOU do it."
*endless bout of "no u"'s.

Think about it, Spider. We've already tried that idea in Halo 3. You have any idea how much people hated it?

: Oddball & CTF
: Only allow players to die if they are within a certain ratios of the
: ball/flag. Doing so will force players to focus on the ball instead of
: randomly killing to improve their k/d.

So then who's going to protect you while you're holding the objective? Everybody on your team would have to gather around you in order to make their kills count. Enemy come up with a Rocket Launcher, Extermination, they grab the ball, you lose. That's why killing is allowed in objective games. An opponent that's waiting to respawn is an opponent that ISN'T coming to kill you or killing you ALREADY. That's how Oddball is supposed to work! One person holds on to the ball, while the others PROTECT you by KILLING THEM!

: Respawning
: Allow players to choose where to respawn if they wish like we do in Halo
: Reach's Invasion gametype.
: Instead of using zones like in Invasion, allow players to choose (cycle
: through) between team spawns or buddy spawn. Doing so would greatly cut
: down on spawn killing and also provide players backup if they need it.

I actually do agree with this.

: Oh yeah. Also fix the bloody DMR, BR, & Magnum!! And while you're at it,
: bring back Bloom!
: They should not kill players from across maps!!

DMR is the only weapon that needs fixing.
Bloom IS back, genius. All the weapons have it.
And that's the POINT of bloom--if you pace yourself, you can kill people across the map with Pulse Rifles. If they stand still, I guess.

And Snipe, BR won't do shit against a camping shotgun/boltshot. Unless they miss, come out early, or you have at least two grenades to throw at every edge of every corner, you wouldn't see them sitting there without Promethean Vision.

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